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Entertainment stuff from the week 28/10-3/11/13

Hi trickers,

Apparently, it's Hallowe'en, around-and-about now, so here's some gratuitous pumpkin:

'Halloween Special - Exploding (or Self-Carving) Pumpkin'

And cyriak's Hallowe'en costume:

'My halloween costume'

And here's your spooky quiz, for the week. Work out how this is done:

'Halloween Mystery - Ghost Flame!'

A film, coming in 2014:

'The LEGO movie'

...i mean, come on. It's in LEGO!!! :-D

'The Waitrose Effect (The Now Show 1st November 2013)' (my upload)

This year, there have been claims, presumably somehow determined by Waitrose themselves (oh yes - PR puff pieces are gullibly swallowed up by journalists) that the presence of a Waitrose increases house prices, and that the mere presence of a Waitrose is enough to cause rainbows and joy, and everything that's impossibly wonderful in the world!

Last year, Waitrose - a frightfully-posh supermarket in the UK - exercised a devious scheme twitter campaign to persaude people that it's OK if a supermarket destroys their high street... as long as it's a Waitrose.

The scheme campaign (is that really a more complimentary word?) failed, as it was hijacked by people making fun of Waitrose's poshness. I can't resist :o)

"I shop at Waitrose because..."

You say "Ten items or fewer" not "Ten items or less"

Because wine is arranged on the shelves by region rather than colour

It makes me feel important and I absolutely detest being surrounded by poor people

I simply can't turn my nose up far enough, in other stores. How am i supposed to know where i'm going?

I was once in the Holloway Road branch and heard a dad say "Put the papaya down, Orlando!"

I think food must automatically be better if it costs three times as much

My handmaid doesn't like touching Sainsbury's food. She feels it's beneath her

The toilet paper is made from 24ct gold thread

Darling, Harrods is just too much of a trek, mid-week!

My chauffeur won't park anywhere else

It's the best place for picking up my shipments of 17th century Epoisses cheese

It's nice to see someone else holding a riding crop, every now and again

I heard Pippa Middleton, Hugh Grant, and the Duchess of Buxton shop there

I have no intention of being served by some scruffy little oik, doing a 'summer job'

Their colour scheme matches my Range Rover

It's the only place where my kids' tantrums are classed as 'splendidly Montessori, darling'

If you buy a full tank of helicopter fuel, you get 10% off champagne. It is a recession, after all!

Tabitha and Tarquin will only eat correctly branded produce. I tried to push some of Booths' at them once. Never again!

My Mercedes fits perfectly into their car parking spaces

Jocasta simply won't eat any other supermarket's sun-ripened guava

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Mitch Benn - Cat Wee Laptops (The Now Show 1st November 2013)' (my upload)

'Cyclic Numbers - Numberphile'
I noticed the sevenths thing yonks ago. It certainly makes mental arithmetic easier, when you have those kinds of shortcuts ;-)

'Morphing face becomes invisible'
It gets harder to see the faces morph when the background's flashing

'Face flipping reveals odd features'

'Amazing Secret Monitor! (How To)'

'Origami Dragon'
{I feel compelled to remind you that, despite what you might have seen in films... tapejaras never flew with dragons. Dragons, you see, lived at a completely different time in history... :-P }

'Flying sphere exploits collisions to move around'
A robot that can get home while drunk has, at last, been invented. Futurama, here we come :-D

'Pi and Four Fingers - Numberphile'
If you're wondering why Simon Singh's on Numberphile, talking about The Simpsons -- he's got a book out about Maths in The Simpsons. So wonder about that, instead :-P

'The Witness' - Richard Wiseman

'Loving this illusion ad' via Richard Wiseman
{There's more 3D street art, in the non-contemporary section}

'Can you find the cookie monster?'
{Pareidolia, still making me chuckle :) }

'Huge Building Explosion at 2500fps - The Slow Mo Guys'
Via cibertimanios

'How to make a paper aeroplane fly forever'

'The Great CVS Duck Invasion'

'The Incredible Pumpkin Creations of Villafane Studios' via Ripley's
“The Largest Display of Pickled Pumpkin Sculptures Ever Produced!”

'Paris 2013 Saturday Hot Shot Djokovic, Federer'

An epic point!*/Tennis/Media/Videos/Uploaded/2013/11/2/Paris-2013-Saturday-Hot-Shot-Djokovic.aspx

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: vexatious -- tending to cause frustration or annoyance

Etymology Of The Week: velcro -- from french - velour (velvet) and crochet (hook) - the company that patented it insists that "velcro" is purely a registered trademark, and that misusing it in place of the generic name - "hook and loop fastener" - is an atrocity of abuse!

Capitalist Absurdity Of The Week: 100% - the proportion of punctuality targets missed by Network Rail, last year. 160% - the proportion of salary NR bosses will receive (including 60% annual bonus), despite not achieving any of their punctuality targets

Quote Of The Week: "Why should anyone bother to study at least a little logic? To sharpen the mind in a world saturated by streams of propaganda and advertising. To know when a pitchman is conning you, when some "expert" or pundit is propounding a dubious doctrine, when someone is making an apocryphal claim about miracles or divinity or the afterlife. To chasten one's own thinking, to develop an appreciation for tenable arguments and a respect for good reasoning. To become more adept at solving problems, whether they're encountered in business, science, politics, or the law." - Philosophical Society

Fact Of The Week: There is no connection between sugar consumption and hyperactivity. Not even in children. Also, the link between colourants and preservatives and hyperactivity is tenuous, and seen only in some people. Known causes of hyperactivity are genetics, brain damage while in the womb (from maternal alcohol, nicotine and hydrocarbon exposure) and sleep deprivation.

Acronym Of The Week: David Mitchell -- camel hid TV lid

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

I think someone's finally beaten Kryten's ambivalence face for comic value :-D

'Psychiatric counsellor - Red Dwarf'

'The origin of creatures'
Judging by the thumbnail, i thought this would be a cyriak production. But it is not.

'Droplet Collisions at 5000fps - The Slow Mo Guys'

3D Street Artwork

The hovering cube illusion:

Look - the light at the end of the tunnel! :-D

Pulling 'an Ariel' with a beard:

Having discovered Private Eye's tumblr column, i've decided some of the cartoons really need posting :-D

'One from the archives, a cartoon by Kevin Woodcock, from the 1970s'

'Twerking Men's Club'

'Our tap's been phoned'

'Earl Wonga = John Humphrys'

You can see more funniness in Private Eye cartoons, in this video:

'Private Eye: A Cartoon History with Ian Hislop and Nick Newman'

The real dry cleaners' that inspired the 'touching cloth' sketch!
'Touching Cloth - Brick Lane'
'That Mitchell and Webb Look S01E04 P03'

'Captain Todger: General Drayfox'

'DVD Easter Egg: Beating Boredom With CrossWords'

'Spraying David With Gunge'

'David and Robert's Wigs'


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