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Entertainment stuff from the week 27/1 - 2/2/14

Greetings all you cool methane-producers,

If you live in the Far Northisphere, it's that time of year again - the time when all the boys and girls of climate change obstructivism come out to point at the thermometers and say "look - global warming can't be happening - it's cold out" - yep, it's what's technically knows as... 'winter'.

'If There's Global Warming ... Why Is It So Cold?'

So what's a polar vortex, and why has the weather been so bad, recently? Well, in four words: irrelevant, and bad luck.

A polar vortex is a cold circle of air, and irrelevant to contemporary weather over America and the British Isles, as noted in New Scientist. The extremity of bad weather Britain's been having, while symbolic of the long-term trend toward greater extremities of weather, is more a product of Chance being clumpy than a sudden worsening in local climate.

That means it might be indicative of what's to come, but like all weather events, should not be confused with the climatic trends that have advanced, evidentially, decade upon decade, for the last 170 years.

It's been a great week for film reviews, however :-D

Mark Kermode has described 'I, Frankenstein' as "a turkey - the dialogue is absolutely lumpen - the film makes no sense at all", and 'That Awkward Moment' as "witless, charmless, unfunny, and unengaging", LOL

'Mark Kermode reviews I, Frankenstein'

'Mark Kermode reviews That Awkward Moment'

I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon of celeb-bashing, but these reviews are pretty funny. Mark Kermode's the only critic i really trust to distinguish subjective and objective opinion, and both seem to align quite well, with these films :-D

'An icon of Dunning Krugerism: Joseph files frivolous suit against NASA'

A couple of weeks ago, i wrote this parody piece, that i put only on a tumblr post (so not on here), and linked to to some people that i thought might appreciate it, on Facebook:

'Face Of Mohammed Mysteriously Appears On Mars'

As i said, it was just a parody, but it seems there are always new kinds of nutjobs out there, who will 'see' (erroneously perceive) their delusions in reality.

In my parody, i make out that the mysterious rock, seen on Mars by NASA's Opportunity Rover, was in fact a jelly doughnut, bearing the face of Mohammed (pbuhmf).

This guy has decided that it is definitely biological, and that NASA is being negligent, by not investigating it further!

Um... they know it's a rock. It's just a rock. And it's a rocky kind of rock. Made of rock. Possessing rockyness... it's a rock :-P

"I’ll be blunt – this guy has a long record of crackpottery"

I am not surprised :-D

Other news:

'German cows cause methane blast in Rasdorf'
The detonation of methane, built up inside the cow shed of a German dairy farm, damaging the roof, and injuring one of the 90 cows inside.

'Road served as a major boulder holder in Italy'
"Several boulders let loose from the mountains above and cascaded down. No one was injured but the road was blocked. One of the largest boulders stopped just short of a house. And I MEAN JUST..."

'Candidate for year’s worst ghost photo already taken in Los Angeles'
"This pathetic picture, submitted to the newspaper by a believer who thought it was spooky and gave him nightmares."
This just goes to show: superstitionists have very low standards!

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'SURICATE - Siri'Scary, scary stuff... what's my mouse doing? ...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!

'Ron Jeremy on a Wrecking Ball'
Probably the world's most famous male pornstar, in a parody of Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball'. They copied the original, shot for shot, so you'll see as much of Ron as you would/have of Miley. Here's a side-by-side for proof:

This series just gets funnier. Just as in his WDPLAC series, Thunderf00t rips apart superstitionists ideas, using Science and Reason e.g. showing us the comparative power consumption of a hurricane, and 7.6 billion becquerels of plutonium radiation. Fascinating and funny :-)

'ScienceCasts: The Coolest Spot in the Universe'

'Burning Magnesium in Water - Periodic Table of Videos'

'LEAKED Google Orientation Video'
I hope this kind of thing wards Google away from behaving like that, but then again, how much does satire really achieve?

'FACEPALM!'My life in 5 minutes :-D

'Set Yourself Free'
How Ozzies keep their kids in school. No worries, mate, no worries... it's made by these guys, who have a "love for horror comedy" :-D

'Richard Herring: Rudyard Kipling wrote exceedingly bad poetry'

He did indeed!

'This Magic Eye music video from indie band Young Rival will blow your tiny mind'
...if you can see it, that is. If you're inexperienced at this, my advice is to get really close to the screen, then pull out slowly, until you can see the rest of the image. But the content: basically, it's like a usual music video - singer leaning toward camera; guitarist guitarring; random stuff going on in between.

For the giggles...
'Loving this random neuroscience paper title generator - they sound more useful than actual papers'
It's not as funny as the 'Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator' though :-D

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: succubus -- the female form of an incubus; both of which seduced people through sexual intercourse, and robbed them of their health by doing so; they are featured as supernatural characters in mythologies and devils in religious mythology

Anagram Of The Week: Nigel Farage -- Fe Real, Nigga

Absurd Crank Quote Of The Week: "The essential nature of the physical world is that it's not physical" - Deepak 'rubber-head' Chopra

Tweet Of The Week: "I just went to a meeting of The Anti-Measurement Society. There was well over quite a lot of people there."

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff


'How To Fall Asleep'

'Get The Facts About Identical Twins!'

'Why do redheads have freckles?'

'Understanding shadows'

'Catch The Goofs!'

'Extreme downhill trail Descenso del Condor in La Paz Bolivia'
Well, this looks exciting. Wouldn't like to do it, though :-O

Beware! There are some maybe-obscure references in this one :-P #nerdstylehumour

Yeah - Screw babies - why shouldn't adults live? :-D

'we all deal with situations differently'
What you don't know, is that 'the big C' started off as 'the little c'. It was about Rupert Murdoch. Needless to say, it was never made :-P

'Wine isn’t just a beverage anymore'
What they did was to use bacteria to partially digest the wine, and use the resulting gooey solids as material to sculpt into a dress. Well, part of one! Basically, this is a kind of wine-cheese. Ewww :-D
My first question is: who the hell would want to wear this? My second question is: there's clearly too much wine in the world, that anyone can afford to do this with it! Back in the day, when i was a lad, wine was too expensive to waste :-P

'3d Printed Ultrasounds'
Frickin' creepy. An eviscerated gynandromorph, manufactured for anatomical zoological purposes... that's perfectly fine. But with all its skin on? Who do these people think they are!?

That's it, for this week, folks. Seeya :-D

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