Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mini-Essay Catalogue

This is a catalogue of all my mini-essays, in reverse-chronological order. I intend to keep it updated. I present my apologies, if i fail to do so.

02/07/18  Astronauts Answer 50 Of The Most Googled Space Questions | CORRECTED

02/07/18  No, They're Not Just Clothes (Indoctrination By Silly Hat, On The BBC)

12/9/16   The (Increasing) Problems With Insurance

23/4/16    Lean/TPS Schemes Are Capitalist Pseudoscience

21/1/15    Feminism update: toilets are now sexist!

25/10/14   Pseudo-neuroscience -- 'Is your brain male or female?' No!!

22/6/14    Is Solar Freakin' Roadways A Scam?

20/5/14    How Farcical Can Ukippers Really Be?

14/5/14    Tolerance: Why We Should And Should Not Do It

10/5/14    Eating for £1 A Day

8/3/14      Feminist Bakesales And Income Inequality

24/1/14    Neuromarketing: Good Or Bad?

8/11/13    Anonymity: Friend Or Foe?

23/10/13   On Friendzoning, Preference, and Orientation

7/10/13    The Daily Mail, hatred, and everyone

8/5/13      An Example Of Homeopathic Charlatanry And A Quote-Mining 101

10/4/13    ‘Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change’ – a review

10/3/13    What to do with libraries?

17/2/13    Flower Porn (?)

10/2/13    Lumosity And The Brain-Training Bunk

3/2/13     The Pseudoscience In Spam Mail

21/1/13    Our Expectations Of Cranks

13/1/13    Why Homeopathy CAN'T Work

7/1/13      The 'Faith Through A Lens' Project

15/12/12   Merry Winterval, Everyone! (Not 'Christmas' Though - Bah Humbug!)

24/11/12   The Epidemiological Hazards Of Medical Screening

24/10/12   Fraudulent Entertainment

8/10/12    BBC Says 'electric cars are destroying the world'

18/9/12    I Get It (Religious Beliefs)

17/9/12    "Because it's there"

13/8/12    Claiming The North Pole

11/8/12    Mars Curiosity Lander special

3/8/12      Why I Hate The BBC's Foremost Science Program - Horizon

16/7/12    Open Access Science

6/7/12      Say Goodbye To All The Fish

5/7/12      Higgs Boson special

18/6/12    Transit Of Venus Special #3: More videos and pictures

11/6/12    Transit Of Venus Special #2: Post-Transit post

4/6/12      Transit of Venus special: 5-6th June 2012

4/6/12      Why You Should boycott The London 2012 Olympics

29/6/12    'The Ocean Dilemma' - a scientific tool

29/6/12     GCSEs and O-levels

23/6/12     Tax Avoidance (Jimmygate)

18/6/12     'Sustainability'

28/5/12     GM food and the raid of Rothamsted Research

27/5/12     'The Taxpayers' Alliance'

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