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Entertainment stuff from the week 14-20/4/14

Greetings saviours,

There might not be any magic ones in the sky, but we can always be there/here for each other. [awwwws]

As Easter comes around again, it's time to remember the origins of this seasonal festival... pagan rites!!!

Feasting, dancing naked, saving people from virginity, etc etc etc.

Such a shame the Xtians try to ruin it with their 'Good God, you're telling me a man on a cross, who's slowly dying of shock and blood loss, can somehow be construed as a symbol of love, peace and salvation, just because it's Friday?'

...which they abbreviate to 'Good Friday' for pragmatism's sake :-P

Actually, it's probably just called 'Good Friday' because it's 'holy' which makes it 'good'... apparently.

'Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?'

The BBC says it, so it must be true.

But nothing of importance in the modern ritual has anything to do with Xtianity.

We all know how our Modern Easter really began, right?

And this is what's so important about that magical event:

'Gooey Goodness: Inside Cadbury's Creme Egg Factory'

Oh yes, yes - cremey eggy is is so yummy in my tummy! Why i haven't i bought any of these yet? :-D

A lesson in probability, and not-magicality:

'Every Day This Week Can Be Written The Same Forwards & Backwards'

Dates for every day last week could be seen as palindromic, meaning they read the same backwards as forwards.

E.g. 12321 can be written backwards and it's still 12321

Is this exceptionally weird? Well, no, not really. As the article explains.

Numerology is a weird superstition, but still derived from people's basic over-willingness to see patterns in things, when they're not really there. Like seeing the face of a fictional half-deity you've never met in a slice of toast, for example.

Ripley's has more interesting stuff about the rituals of this time of year:

'The Weirdest Easters'

I've been watching a lot of Jonathan Creek, recently. If you don't know the show, it's about a guy who's a magician's assistant, and solves crimes in his spare time.

Anyone in the world of 'magic' will know who this guy is; and anyone in the world of Rationalism will, too:

'James Randi: An Honest Liar' (trailer)

It should be good fun. I want to see it :-D

"Has John Le Carre done any funny books?", twitter has asked, this week.

It seems he has:

I would like to add:

The Secret Of Scott Pilgrim

Relativity Friends (a Physics-centred favourite of mine)

A Small Town In Vatican City

A Delicate Tooth

The Spy Who Came Into Some Gold (not a blue movie - a gold movie :-P )

A Burger Of Quality

How'zat? :-P

In other news:

Statewide laws controlling nude sunbathing in Bavaria expired last autumn. This means people in Munich are now free to go completely naked, in six of the city's areas. The h2g2 explains the cultural context of nudity in Munich:
I like their style - i could never get the hang of pulling t-shirts over my wings, anyway :-P Notice, however, how the Media have been reporting it as a recent change - the story stopped being 'News' 6 months ago. But, what the hell. Any excuse to show a bum in national newspaper, haha :-D

Having been prompted by a 10-year-old girl who wrote to them to complain about slow shoppers, a shopping centre in Sheffield, UK, has put 'overtaking lanes' in their store. Of course, they're exploiting this for the publicity, as much as possible, by uttering gushing praise for the girl's suggestion. But i'm wondering whether this could really work, judging by the pictures. Will half the store lose out from being on the 'fast lane' side?

What was that mysterious black ring over Leamington Spa? Well, to me it was obviously a vortex ring, produced by shaped detonation. The first link provides all the nonsense explanations; the second, a video, and the true one - it's a practice 'fire effect' (because the word firework's taken) for a show at nearby Warwick Castle.

A hedgefund manager has been caught fare-dodging, on his commute to and from London. In fact, he did it serially, so that he has now been forced to pay back £42550 + £450 legal costs! It just goes to show that, beyond a living wage, income is all relative - this guy must get tens of millions every year, for arbitrarily selecting metaphorical horses to put money on, but he still bothers to dodge train fares! Mitchell & Webb had a good laugh at Futures Traders, on their 'Sound' some years ago:

A Buddhist monk, in Taiwan, who is compelled by Buddhist doctrine to be vegetarian, has 'succombed to temptation' and ... shoplifted some beef jerky from a convenience store. So, because the mind-numbingly impractical dogmas of religion don't allow the occasional consumption of something tasty, people are forcefully nudged toward committing crimes of heresy, hypocrisy, and, to enhance the bargain, theft! Interestingly, meat consumption, around the world, is increasing more and more, as people can afford it. Something tells me ideological vegetarians are fighting the tide! Scientific dietary advise is still to eat a balanced diet - that means a small amount of meat and dairy, but not none at all.

None of those ^ stories were April Fools jokes. This one, however is. 'Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he's from the future' "Countries do not exist where I am from. The discovery of the Higgs boson led to limitless power, the elimination of poverty and Kit-Kats for everyone. It is a communist chocolate hellhole and I'm here to stop it ever happening." :-D

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Blue Eggs?! Bite Sci-zed'

'Why is Winter Coming (Game of Thrones) - Deep Sky Videos'

'Digital mirror reveals internal organs'
To use the 'mirror' the participant has to have already undergone a PET, X-Ray, and MRI scan, so that although it isn't a real-time projection, it is your own body contents staring back at you! Freaky stuff :o)

'First Time Sexual Experiences In Animated Gifs'
Whew, there are some hardcore... metaphors... in this video :-P

'Le Serveur (Greg Romano)'

Please note that this is not an instructional video for how to make a marmite sandwich. As you would expect, considering the vast difference in nature of the product, the preparation process is immensely different too :-P

Well, wadd'ya know? You wait half a year for another comic horoscope, and then two come along at once :-D

'Richard Saunders - Dr. Duarf Ekaf's Horoscope (April 2014)' (my upload)

'Psychic Vera's Horoscope for April 2014' (my upload)

'Sniper Pug'

'Friend Zone'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: vexillology -- the scientific study of the history, symbolism and usage of flags or, by extension, any interest in flags in general

Expression Of The Week: 'bitchy resting face' -- a face that unfortunately exhibits a frown, even when that person does not feel hostile in any way

Etymology Of The Week: portmanteau -- meaning 'a combination of two or more words or morphemes' is a prtmanteau of the words 'porter' (to carry) and 'manteau' (coat) from French; not to be confused with the definition of the word in French, where 'porte-manteau' simply means 'coat rack'

Quote Of The Week: "I took an oath to support the Constitution, and I felt the Constitution was violated on a massive scale" - Edward Snowden, the whistleblower on NSA snooping, speaking via live video link at the SXSW festival in Austin

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Creaciones de Gilbert Legrand (10 imágenes)'

'The sound of a moth'

Forget the sound of music - this is the sound of moth.

From the 'LaurBubble' YouTube channel:

'Your Smell..'

'It's Official'

'On Hold'

From the 'The Kloons' YouTube channel:

'Sandwich Storm'

'Dubstick Chapstep'

'Priceless Possessions'

'The Kloons Brainstorm'

'Did You Just Check Her Out? ( Why men look at other women)'

'Chinese Delivery'

'Minimally Impressive Psychic'

'Yoga Thoughts - What You're Really Thinking During Yoga'

'Body Shots'

'Google House View (beta)'

'The Director'

'Save a Dog'
{Isn't it interesting, that in the real world, people are less morally assertive about inaction than action}

'The Bro Zone'

'Alpha Males'

'The Mindblower'

'Laid Off'

'Switching Bodies - Episode 1'

'Gay Marijuana'
What about bisexual barbiturates?

'Pussy Water - banned cologne commercial'


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