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Entertainment stuff from the week 30/6 - 6/7/14

Hi wormers,

The 61st series of ISIHAC is here!!!

'Series 61, Episode 1'

In case you don't know what you'll be missing out on:

'Graeme Garden on ISIHAC - Killing Me Softly With His Song, to the tune of The Can Can' (my upload)

'Graeme Garden et al on ISIHAC - I'm Too Sexy to the tune of Frère Jacques' (my upload)

All i can say, after episode 1, is this:

Susan Calman is awesome! <3

If you have some time pass, i'd like to adjust it slightly, with this article about Hinglish...

'English explodes in India - and it's not just Hinglish'

"In 1886 Henry Yule and Arthur Burnell published Hobson-Jobson, a guide to words from Indian languages that had passed into English. You can search through it for references to the origins of words such as "shampoo" and "bungalow". But now many Indian citizens are using English words in the course of talking Hindi - or Tamil, or Bengali etcetera."

I wonder whether they do wing-free underpants, LOL

Words to have come from India to English include 'kedgeree', 'pyjamas' and 'shampoo'; all of which are useful. Except, in place of the last one, i make do with the real thing :-P


Saturday the 28th of June marked the 35th annual World Worm Charming Championships, held in Nantwich, Cheshire, UK.

"Participants in the 144 3x3m plots had half an hour to collect as many worms as possible, using a variety of techniques such as vibrating a garden fork, singing and playing a musical instrument."

-- The Bowdens, from Tarleton, near Preston, were declared champions, having teased out an amazing 394 worms.
-- The Chief Wormer’s trophy, for youngest wormer, with 64 worms, was won by 29-day-old Arwyn Davies
-- The most Promising Newcomer award with 184 worms was won by Lucas and Melvyn Mostran.
-- And the Heaviest Worm trophy was won by Liam and Patrick Martin with a 5.84g worm.

The 4th of July marked the 2nd anniversary of CERN's announcement of the discovery of the Higgs Boson, at 126.5 GeV mass.

Two years on, and further evidence shows the Higgs Boson, rather disappointingly, to be exactly what it was expected to be.

Why disappointingly? Because if the Higgs Boson - the manifestation of the Higgs Field, that interaction with gives certain particles mass - is all it's expected to be, then that's the end of a metaphorical line. There'll be nothing more to discover.

That's why, two years ago, Physicists had their fingers crossed, hoping they would turn out to be wrong :-D

'Higgs Boson is Exactly What I Hoped it Wasn't'

Incidentally, the Higgs Field does not supply all of the mass in massful things - only up to 20% of it. The rest of that mass (including the mass of you or me) is provided by Relativistic effects, as massful particles interact with the gluon field that surrounds them.

So no gluons, and we'd all be much lighter; but no Higgs, and we'd have no mass at all.

'Your Mass is NOT From the Higgs Boson'

'Fantastic purple siphonophore – It’s like weirdo, man'

Siphonophores are a bit like jellyfish - not jellyfish, but related to them - and are actually colonies of separable 'floaters'. They are animal eukaryotes, and the most famous of their kind is the Portuguese Man-Of-War, which can grow much larger than this 20cm example.

What's so striking about this one, is to see its colour - purple is uncommon for deep sea organisms because red light is heavily attenuated, meaning red-coloured organisms are essentially invisible to predators. Why would this one be purple? Who knows. This kind of organism is so rarely seen.

Follow the link to see the video, shot by the crew of the Nautilus deep sea exploration team.

In other news:

A USAian exchange student has had to be rescued by firefighters, having got stuck inside a giant concrete vagina sculpture, on the Tuebingen Microbiology Institute campus, in Germany. That's a long way to go for vajay! Tuebingen fire service official Markus Mozer said the young man slipped as he tried to climb in, to pose for a photo, but did no damage to it.

A couple of engineers from the USA have converted a 1969 Cadillac into... the world's fastest hot tub! Named 'Carpool DeVille' it actually works as a hot tub, and apparently has a top speed of 100mph. You can see pictures of every stage of its conversion, at the link:

El Vendrell, a small town of 36,000 people in northeastern Spain, has installed a canine toilet, including a urinal and a drinking fountain, in the hope that it will decrease the costs of clearing up after messy/incompetent dog owners. The problem has previously been met with fines of up to €750; but in Madrid and Barcelona, they apparently reach €1,500, for finding doggy crap. There's a picture at the link... of the toilet, i mean, not the crap :-P

More theist pareidolia! A man has 'seen' Jesus, holding a lamb, in the side of an apple: "A priest at a local Albuquerque church has blessed and anointed the apple and [] neighbours have been coming to see it."

"How long could you be left alone with your thoughts? 10 seconds? A minute? Well, according to a new study published in the journal Science, people really don't like to be left alone with nothing to do other than think. In fact, when participants of this study were given the choice of thinking for up to 15 minutes or giving themselves a painful electric shock, 67% of men and a quarter of women would rather electrocute themselves."
I'd rather electrocute myself than have nothing to do, but then mulling over subjects is something that i can and do do, so... i'm usually happy doing that.

The UK's Chancellor, George Osborne - that's the guy who does the numbers of the economy - has refused to answer the question "What's seven times eight?". The seven-year-old was instead answered with the reply "I've made it a rule in life not to answer" LOL.

A giant salamander - Andrias japonicus - has been spotted on the banks of Kyoto's Kamagawa river. Usually, they're very shy, living in the depths of rivers; but at 1.5m long, they're quite obvious, in the light of day. They're currently a protected species, partly because people have seen them only as a waddling stock of stew meat!

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Why do ice cubes crack in drinks? (SLOW MOTION)'

'What the Function? with Smarter Every Day!'

'Robot makes an ice cream when you talk to it'
Do you like your ice-cream, Dave? :-D

'Baking Bad... The Science of Cake - A Week in Science'
Always on the trail of the lonesome pun, LOL

'How Far Can Legolas See?'


'Top 10 Party Tricks for 2014 - YouTube Mega-Collaboration'

'Switching Bodies - Episode 1 {The Kloons}'

'Switching Bodies - Episode 2 {The Kloons}'

'Rafael Nadal's #WIMBJUGGLEDON - Wimbledon 2014
This is so difficult to do! "Once i did more than 100" LOL

'SIGNS OF THE TIME | The Checkout | ABC1'

'9GAG and the AIDS Cure'

Wow! Patent offices somewhere let all of those past! :-D

From the 'Fasten Seatbelts' show, by Aleksey Igudesman - one half of Igudesman & Joo:

'Salsa De La Luna by Aleksey Igudesman'

'Rumba De Mumbai by Aleksey Igudesman'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: prandial --  relating to dinner or lunch, or the period during dinner or lunch

Etymology Of The Week: pulverize -- through latin pulverizare meaning 'reduce to poweder or dust' with common etymology to 'pollen' meaning 'dust'/'powder', from the 15th century CE

Film Of The Week: 'Sex Lives Of The Potato Men' which topped critics' list of worst british movies ever made. It was surpassed, in this role, by 'Keith Lemon: The Film' in autumn, last year.

Quote Of The Week: "The desire, or the need for, the death of better men is probably the special property of two groups — the chronically inferior and the incurably insecure." — London Review of Books, 1992

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Stewart Lee Anti Islamic Stand Up'
Not quite Richard Herring though, is he :-D

'Tennis Players + Rage'

'Angry Penis Pasta'

'Entertaimentwise ain't so wise'
{Jack Whitehall's the guy in the back of shot, LMAO}

'Things you can say to...'

'See whatever you want to see'

'Zombies vs. supermodels'

'The Power of Persil'

'Magic Fest has started!'

'Dildos > Guns'

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