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Entertainment stuff from the week 24-30/8/15

Hi homicidal homogeneists,

'The greater a country's gender equality in employment, the higher its homicide rate'

Now, i know i've done a mini-essay about the Ocean Dilemma...

''The Ocean Dilemma' - a scientific tool'

Which i define like this:

"Whenever presented with a Correlation, we should consider: does it indicate a Causation, a Consequence, or is it just a Coincidence?"


Having 'learned' so much from masochistically researching Feminism, in recent weeks, i've become privileged divinely embraced by the intellectual unsurpassedness of being able to see anything i like in any study i come across.

Therefore, i shall not assess the study for its methodological flaws - i shall abuse it, and force it to say whatever i construe it to say.

For example, although the study is survey-based, i shall not point out that this is a quality of evidence second-worst from individual anecdote...

And i shall not point out that the study researcher says "Countries in which women are respected have lower overall homicide rates" which directly conflicts with what i want to say...

And i shall gloss over the methodologically-important part where she says that more equal societies have better-kept statistics, making them look worse than they really are, in comparison...

{This is probably the real cause of the correlation}

And i shall conclude thusly:

Equality is the fake reward of egalitarians, who sell vulnerable young women and girls the idea that they should conform with them. You see, egalitarianism is an MRA movement - a tool of the patriarchy, to keep us oppressed.

Do not think me presumptuous, when i say that those extra homicides are men killing women, because we all know they are, anyway. So-called 'equal' societies are actually killing young women and girls off, and suppressing this truth.

Which, by the way, is how we don't know about it. And why the patriarchal scientists (and religionists of Baylor's Institute for Studies of Religion, where the author is a fellow) didn't fund the study, nor pay to have it published!

Clearly, we must reject equality! Never let us forget that #notallmen are vile perpetrators of toxic masculinity, who must be avoided at all costs.

Shiver and quake, young women and children, for they are out to get you!

They sell you equality, and careers, and money, and freedom, in order to treat you unequally, to deny you careers, to keep you poorer than the millionaire pseudo-feminists who are their tools to deceive you (keep wearing the tinfoil hats) and to deprive of true freedom - freedom from men!

Quick, my pretties - although i don't say "pretties" in an objectifying way because we all know that it doesn't count when it's not men doing it - let's run away, to a lesbian commune, where we'll all choose to be 100% homosexual (because that's how lesbianism works; definitely, actually, as a fact!) and be free from men forever.

[cackles and screams, maniacally]

Or maybe it's just a metholologically invalid study?

No, that can't be true, or all those 'surveys' that find 120% of girls on campuses to be rape victims might be called into question too <s>

And even if the numbers are representative, then i'm sure we can just assume their causes, maybe to be sexism, rather than just disparities that might be caused by other things. <s>

{Nudge: the 'gender gap' in pay is one such example - where the studies are done, there is no observable sexist causation, but that doesn't stop sexists from claiming it, due to the claim's diplomatic convenience}

Leaving the sarcasm behind...

'Criminologist says Amnesty's call to decriminalise prostitution makes sense'

One of the claims produced by feminism is the one that evil, wicked, sinful male lust should be restrained, but women should not, for the purposes of using men's evil, wicked, sinful male lust to make themselves richer.

These feminists, for example (apologies if the link's broken by the time you read this) genuinely advocate the criminalization of 'buying' sex, but support the de-criminalization of 'selling' it.

Being feminist sexists (female-affiliated sex-factionalists) they completely fail to see that prostitution is not the domain of their puerile sex-war!

Men buy sexual services from women, and men buy sexual services from men; women buy sexual services from women, and women buy sexual services from men. Amnesty International's proposals (which they explicitly condemn) cover all of these situations, but because they see 'equality' (their bastardised form of it) as a boxing match, with boys in the red corner, and girls in the blue corner, they don't appreciate this.

To them, men wanting sex is 'evidence' of 'toxic masculinity' and so women being subject to male sexuality makes them victims... even if they're OK with it, and even if they profit by it.

So instead of supporting moves to make sex work safer for all; on the off-chance that it might make men happier too, the feminists decide that they must condemn the entire trade.

But only if you're
looking at it from one side of the counter. Because that's what men do. [facepalms]

The same stupidity is enforced in drug prohibitions, where the harm is caused by consumption of herbal potions, and the 'filler' ingredients in the various pills and powders available, yet one side of the bookkeeping account is criminal, and the other not - buy, but don't sell. Bonkers!

"Professor John Scott, from QUT's Crime and Justice Research Centre, said where prostitution was decriminalised the health of sex workers and clients had improved and rates of corruption, bribery and other forms of vice had dropped."

Oh noes - don't care for the clients - they're just sluts who want to put their genitalia somewhere. Noes! <s>

Clearly, anyone who actually cares about the whole human species, is going to care about all the people in this scenario - not treat it like sex-war propaganda fodder, the way feminism has motivated people to do.

Whether it's sex, or elation, or analgesia, or competitiveness, where you have a consistent and immutable desire for something, prohibition can never work.

Prohibiting something that is going to happen, regardless of what you say, can only lead to harm. Harm that you will have caused.

Traumatised organisms desire analgesia - you can't stop that. Either you help them find a better life, with less pain in it, or you care more about policy than people.

Pleasure-motivated organisms desire elation - you can't stop that. Either you help them find safe sources of pleasure, with known and measurable hazards, so that they can engage in informed consent, or you care more about policy than people.

Competition-motivated organisms desire self-advancement and comparison to their peers - you can't stop that. Either you help them run a bit faster, or jump a bit higher, with known and measurable hazards, or you care more about policy than people.

Sexually reproducing species desire sex - you can't stop that. Either you support people who sell and buy it, so that it's safer when it happens, or you care more about policy than people.

Whether it's sex 'cheats' or legal 'highs' or people trying to get 'outside their minds' or to win an athletic discipline, you can't stop people from trying - you can only hurt them while trying to stop them.

Prohibition doesn't work. And neither does factionalism. Including sex-factionalism.

In other news:

Welcome to penis island... i mean, um... no, it's genuinely not that kind of island :-P

Here's yet another case study of how journalism works: find a picture of someone wearing black, and then chinese-whisper the story into 'Cloaked figure is ‘dropping RAW MEAT on North Carolina playgrounds''. Well done, Daily Fail, well done. Seeing someone in clothes is not News; and the thing about proliferating uncooked meat was just completely made up, to develop the story! Classy.

So someone has died in Honduras, and was declared to be by the medical professionals at a hospital, only for her coffin to be broken into, inside her concrete tomb, by her family, to find her... still dead. This was confirmed by the local hospital, again. What's so odd about this? Well, the family, and specifically her husband, insists that she was heard screaming, inside the coffin, inside the tomb, and so the husband broke the coffin open, to find her limp, dead body. There's no evidence provided that she was ever alive, after being declared dead the first time, but because this story's generally been reported 'for the human angle' (from the family's point of view) confusion has seeped in. IMO, if there was any screaming, it was family members' screams, or hallucinated through grief. Very sad, but there's nothing here for validating superstition.

"declaration without publication is a red flag for baloney". So sayeth me, last week. And that goes for Stephen Hawking too. He's apparently claimed to have found a solution to the so-called 'information paradox'. This relates to the boundaries of black holes, and how they cause problems for various physical hypotheses in these extreme conditions. It's nothing to do with information, in the lay sense. Nevertheless, being called Stephen Hawking might presell books on the subject, but it doesn't win the minds of Cosmological scientists. We might actually find out what the publication means, in a few years' time, as publication would be followed by intense scrutiny, and interpreting, before any information were communicated to us.

A papyrus purporting to reveal the identity of a mythical character's mythical marriage to a mythical wife, is apparently back in the News again. Big deal. It first appeared (in the News) in 2012, and the only permitted evidence says that it's a modern fake. But then, superstitionists are never going to accept that, which is how it comes around again, and again, and again. Like Palcohol does. These things are all rubber-duckie memes, LOL.

Way back in 2007, Mitch Benn did one of his most popular songs - Baby Knut Must Die - about the recently-born captive polar bear called 'Knut'. The song was about how an animal rights activist had declared he should be killed, in case he weren't happy later in life. Well, Knut died in 2011, and the cause has been found to be anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, which is a type of autoimmune inflammation of the brain. It seems vicious poetic justice that it would have been better to kill Knut as a baby, before he could suffer it, later on. Why hast thou forsaken Mitch Benn, Flying Spaghetti Monster? Why??? :-D

There's herbal non-medicine, and then there's animal non-medicine. "herbal non-medicine has too many ingredients in it; homeopathic non-medicine has no ingredients in it" Both extremes disqualify them from being considered Medicine. But it isn't just plants that are made of lots and lots of ingredients, and plenty of them poisonous -- many animals, like plants, deliberately produce poisons, to deter predation. A man in Shanghai recently died from using a toad-based 'folk remedy' to treat his skin condition. A woman with cancer, dying from toad-ingestion, at least meant she didn't have to die of the cancer she was hoping to be cured of. It's not just that we don't hear many stories of quackery in rural China - even people in highly-urbanised Northern societies, like the UK, mysteriously drop dead, with some herbal potion or overdosing supplement mysteriously lingering around. The true extent of such morbidities and mortalities are unknown.

I dearly hope this is a case of Torygraph incompetence, and not Police incompetence. According to the Torygraph, the latest issue of a document from the UK College of Policing, which instructs officers on how to investigate cases, advises them to "not rule out the help of psychics" when they have "accredited successes". Golly gosh! No psychic-purporting charlatan has ever demonstrated anything other than a burden on police forces, and victims of crimes. There is no basis for thinking that someone who 'knows where the body is' is anything other than an unfortunate bystander, or worse, complicit in the crime. 'Psychics' should be arrested for presenting themselves as suspects, or perverting the course of justice - not treated as possible assistants. So if this story turns out to be true, i dearly hope the document gets corrected swiftly, before too much harm can be done.

Funny the way all these deities prefer to communicate through food items (anything inanimate, really) than directly, to actual people, in ways that can be explicitly understood. This time, it's not crackers, or toast, or cheesy snacks, or even damp walls - it's an egg. A couple of Islamists from Leicester, UK, claim to have perceived the message "None to be worshipped except Allah", written in Arabic, on the side of an egg. One of them, 'Anisa, 36' said "I've heard about this sort of thing in the roots of trees and in the sky. It is a sign and I think it's a message to all Muslims to forgive and to have a clean heart" SRSLY?? It's a phrase that condemns heresy, and yet you think it's a moral messa... ah, what's the point? Superstition exists despite reality :-D

Lightbulb Syndrome strikes again! A french court has granted a believer in 'Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity' (EHS) a disability allowance of ~
800 ($912) per month, for a period of three years, while she's refusing paid employment. I'm sorry, but this is batty - she's not disabled - the condition doesn't exist. She doesn't need a wheelchair or medication, and she has no limitations on her travel or availability. EFS is one of the many rebrandings of Lightbulb Syndrome (my name for it) which is a purely psychogenic condition caused by technophobia. Whether it's WiFi, Wind Farms, Cell Phone masts, or lightbulbs, all of the symptoms are those of anxiety - not 'sensitivity' to anything beyond their mind. All the time someone is being told that their 'sensitivity' is real, the actual problem, that they actually have, is not being fixed. The worst thing that can possibly happen, for her, is to have a court validate her superstitious fear! Prevalence of Lightbulb Syndrome does not correlate with abundance of the particular technology scape-goated - it correlates with abundance of propaganda for the superstition. Where Fossil Fuel Companies seed propaganda against Wind Farms, Wind Farm Syndrome is bountiful - not where the Wind Farms are. The only solution is to condemn the false beliefs that cause the anxiety, and in turn cause the symptoms. Pandering to the problem can only make her worse.

This week's lesson in probability and risk understanding, comes through a flight accident, over the UK. An old but well-maintained aircraft was flying around the Shoreham Air Display, near where it crashed into a road, killing at least 11 motorists. This, of course, got a lot of copy in the sensationalist tabloid gutter-press; for example in The Torygraph "Air shows should be over the sea, it should not have been over that road" and The Times "Jet crash fireball forces air show safety rethink". The Daily Fail's headline was surprisingly short, but unsurprisingly ungrammatical: "How many more fireball dead?" Due to the tactfulness of the Fail, their report did not have a huge fireball on the front page, nor did it have "dramatic pictures & reports" on pages 4 to 9. You can verify that none of that was present, here. The problem with this reporting is that, firstly, these events are rare (the last such event, in the UK, was back in 1952) and secondly, those involved are willing! The intrigue to pilots, is the 'deliberately cultivated risk' involved. Unlike with rollercoasters, the danger is more real, more present, more available. Pilots like this risk - it's what motivates them to do crazy things. That is why all of the early astronauts were Air Force pilots - they were willing, risk-embracing, and partly-pretrained people who were in ready supply. In contrast, 1600 people die due to road traffic incidents every year, in the UK (enough for four deaths in every daily's headline), but their demises are generally rather banal and ignorable. Do their lives not matter? They apparently don't warrant a minute's silence, no matter what age they die at, or what local soccer team they played for. We all embrace artificial risks sometimes, and we should remember what that means - we might not come back, but we might at least die doing something we love. And the thing to remember, when we're the ones not embracing those risks, is that we should remember that over-committing to minor threats means we're not committing to more major ones. Just because a form of mortality doesn't make the front pages, doesn't mean it's less important.

Russia has lifted a ban on Wikipedia's Russian-language site, after just one night, stating that it had complied in removing information that people are not allowed to know. The information in question was on one page, about a kind of cannabis, but Russia's law stipulates that whole sites must be banned for a single breach on just one page. Wikipedia is apparently no exception. Censorship of one item, has spared the rest of the encyclopedia.

Here's an update on what's going on with Politwoops - the site that archives Pollies' tweets, so that we can see when they're trying to deceive us, for diplomatic (power) gain. Back in June, it had been blocked by Twitter by some dodgy illogic, that depended on an inability to understand that Twitter is public, and that publicly-relevant information - such as the opinions of Pollies - are far more important than someone erasing a post about frangipan that was spellt wrong! Since Twitter's pro-censorship, anti-democracy stance was taken up, Politwoops has been blocked in 30 countries, and is looking close to dormant. Damn you, Twitter!

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

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'Facts On The Vax - Flu Vaccinations Don't Cause Flu (SZ#357)' (my upload)

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Davis Aurini, thy name is egomania. I know all the letters of the alphabet :-D

'inFact: Did Jewish Slaves Build the Pyramids?'

'Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK'

'10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid!'

'Corpse flower blooms while emitting smell of death'
I, myself, saw an amorphophallus titanum (translated to English: 'shaped like a titanic cock') at the Eden Project, in Cornwall; but as expected by probability, it didn't infloresce for my convenience. It had already done so, and was showing fruit :-D

You can see my picture of it, way back in 2011, here:

‘Amorphophallus in Eden’

'‘The Iguana of Mars’

'Cassini image: Dark side of Enceladus'

You might have to click to enlarge, LOL. All i see is a black rectangle, otherwise :-D

'A hubble cosmic couple'

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'CRASH ZOOM - Orcs & Dorks'

'Nerd³ Challenges! Mike Dynasty - GTA V'
Having seen how badly the D*ck Dynasty game sucked **ck, this one just had to be made :-D

'Crazy Moments in Construction Sim! (Livestream Highlights)'
If you think realistic physics are a predicate for a construction game, then think again :-P

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: vacuity -- lack of presence, whether matter or thought; the quality or fact of being devoid of something specified; something, especially a remark, that is pointless or inane

Quote Of The Week: "Without precisely defined sources, methods and concepts, it is possible to see absolutely everything and its opposite" - Thomas Piketty

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

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Semi-interactive films? They already exist -- they're called 'computer games' :-D

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