Monday, 12 December 2016

Entertainment stuff from the period 12/9 - 11/12/16

Hello? Is anybody there?

Yes, i did miss a week... and a month... and a quarter of a year. I've been trying to do other things, so i've been powering through my weekly article-writing time. So here's a collection of some things that have been done by other people, in the meantime. First, an orange septuagenarian has won an election in an economic backwater. Not that it was beforehand.

Second, there's an internet-based company that's been screwing over its users by making a terrifyingly stupid decision.

Question 1: Do the YouTube people actually have functioning brains?

Question 2: If 'yes' have they actually been on the internet before?

'Nerd³ - How To Fix YouTube Heroes'

'Youtubes new flagging 'Heros' 98% disapproval!'

Third, there's the yearly Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, for research that first makes you laugh, and then makes you think.

'The 26th Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony'

The prizes have gone to research into the contraceptive effects of trousers, the perceived personalities of rocks, the role of colour in flying and mating, the magic of reducing pollution by manipulating tests, the effects of mirrors on itches, for believing lying liars who lie, for spotting bullshit, for impersonating other species, for collecting flies, and for looking between people's legs.

You can watch the entire ceremony, and the winners' brief and explanatory acceptance speeches, by clicking on the link above.

And fourth, there's lots of other things.

Thunderf00t's been bringing out many of the best science videos:

'Time-lapses of everything cool in the universe!'

'Golden Cubes and Gravitational Waves - Sixty Symbols'

'Can a green light actually be red!?'

'White light Hack!'

'Hot Man, COLD shower..... thermal camera!'

'Can you see the SUPERMOON through a drinking straw?'

'The infrared explained!'


'goodbye, Chernobyl! the New Safe Confinement has started moving... [November 2016]'

'inside Chernobyl ЧАЭС sarcophagus 2016 - reactor #4 control room and lead-lined corridors'

'inside Chernobyl's sarcophagus - the turbine hall & ventilation stack (chimney)'

'HighVis Fabric'

'3D Camouflage in an Ornithischian Dinosaur'

'Horns, Antlers & Hoofed Mammal Headgear With Paleontologist Zac Calamari'

'Endangered crow is expert tool-user'

'4 Wire Resistance Measurement'

'Fair Dice (Part 1) - Numberphile'

'Fair Dice (Part 2) - Numberphile'

'Why is TV 29.97 frames per second?'

'The s-Process - Sixty Symbols'

'Sum of Fibonacci Numbers Trick'

And the best interrogations of pseudoscience too:

'First AMAZING Solar Roadway UNVEILED!'

'Spinning Solar -BUSTED!'

'SpaceX UFO Explosion EXPOSED!!!'

'Detailed analysis of Spacex Rocket Explosion'


'Waterseer - BUSTED!'

'Waterseer -why did Berkeley disclaim it?'

'Waterseer, now featured in Time Magazine!!'

'EM Drive BUSTED!'

'Are humans contributing only 3% of CO2 in the atmosphere?'

'The Water of Life – Myles Reviews'

'As A Gullible Golfer | The Checkout'

'Testing Flattards - Part 1'

'Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK'

But Dad³'s been ruling over the deliberate sillyness:

'Another amazing bet you will always win'

'10 Christmas Pranks And Illusions'

'The Words of Dad³ - Another Rude Joke!'

'The Adventures of Dad³ - British Jackass II - The Shave'

"It took us 6 years to make this video. Don't try this at home"

'Le Alien'

'Top 5 Computer Game Fails of March 2016'

'Top 5 Fails for September 2016'


'Where do you get your food from, Grandma?'

'Igudesman & Joo - West Side Simpsons (NOT by Hans Zimmer!)'

'Affter Effcest Snudnay Strrectshascraashed'

'The Adventures of Dad³ - A Christmas TV Advert'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Computer Game Of The Week: The Bunker. It's very impressive!

TV Quote Of The Week: From episode 1 of Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages "Village life and the Cotswolds seem made for each other". Yes, Margot, and urban life and central London seem to be made for each other too. Well done :-P

Quote Of The Week: "The Wild West. Where men are men and women are women? That's not wild. If the men were women and the women were men, that would be wild!" - Dave Allen

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Spotty Illusion'

'12 Hilarious Voice Acting Fails In Video Games'

'Who reads the papers? - Yes, Prime Minister - BBC comedy'
One of those 'funny because it's true' sketches ;-D

'ATP Tennis - Top 10 Worst Shots in History (HD)'

'ATP Tennis - Top 10 Worst Shots Ever PART 2 (HD)'

'Fabio Fognini - Top 10 Crazy Only Fognini Moments (HD)'

'Tony Robinson - Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast #122'

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