Sunday, 23 September 2012

Entertainment stuff from 27/8 - 23/9/12

Red Dwarf X cast pictures:
Chris Barrie’s looking sleek!   :)

Staeper Sdrawkcab
'Dave's repeat run to count down to Series X.'

Danny's feline photos from Red Dwarf X

Ein verrückter Ballwechsel (Start bei Minute 0:30) im dritte Satz beim Viertelfinal der Swiss Open 2011

'Friday illusion: Impossible roof defies gravity'|NSNS|2012-1009-GLOBAL|fridayillusion&utm_medium=NLC&utm_source=NSNS&utm_content=fridayillusion

'Friday Illusion: How to shrink Berlusconi's head'|NSNS|2012-1709-GLOBAL|fridayillusion&utm_medium=NLC&utm_source=NSNS&utm_content=fridayillusion

'Pedal-powered plane wins novel flight race'|NSNS|2012-1709-GLOBAL|pedalpowered&utm_medium=NLC&utm_source=NSNS&utm_content=pedalpowered

An elephant throwing mud at a visitor to its zoo :D

'Skull or flower – you decide!'

'Monster illusion'

Quote Of The Week: "I didn't realise how many ants spontaneously combust until i started to look at them closely through a magnifying glass on a bright, sunny day" - Harry Hill

Euphemism Of The Week: Wizard Sleeves (this one was unknown to me, before this week - i have not seen Borat's Kazakh movie!)

Weird Food Of The Week: Spam Musubi

Etymology Of The Week: Short Shrift

Evil Baddy's Comedy Line Of The Week: "This time, Grimbling, he will not grasp so easily through my slip" - I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again - 1966.0523

While on Hols in Hunstanton, a couple of weeks ago, i happened upon a copy of 'Better Than Life' - the second of Grant Naylor's Red Dwarf books.
It utilises plot-settings that are familiar from the TV episodes, but weaves an unfamiliar plot line, and throws in a few other plot constructs.
It's not difficult to read, and it's not frustratingly long. Definitely good to read!

Damn - i wanna try these now!
...but not the last one :-o

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