Monday, 1 October 2012

Entertainment stuff from 24-30/8/12

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And the YouTube channel for my newly updated and re-mashed-up playlists:

Series 2, Episode 1 -- The Hamster Wheel -- a brilliant satirical show, from Oz :D

Jules and Andrew enjoy a spot of cross-promotion from ABC News, ahead of the Hamster Wheel's return:

And as a new series of Hamster Wheel begins, we hear of one crack-pot-Brit's attempts to traverse the Irish Sea, in a hamster wheel :D

More Red Dwarf X promos, for the series which starts *on Thursday*, on Dave, at 9 pm.

Doug Naylor, here:

Red Dwarf X clips and promos, on the playlist, here:
(the most recently added is at the bottom)

Code 1: MOOSE
Code 3: LEMONS

The last trailer unlock code: WIBBLY

'The Darkness - Everybody Have A Good Time (Live from Thetford)'

'The Darkness - Street Spirit (Live from Thetford)'

You can hear every album track on The Darkness' new album - Hot Cakes - on the 'Justin Hawkins and The Darkness' playlist on my YouTube channel

Oh, great - a Japanese team's discovered element number 113 (113 protons in the nucleus).
That means they get naming rights -- we're going to have to learn some new phonemes, guys!

''New homes' turn Swedes' hair green'
This investigation earned some scientists an Ig Nobel prize!

By the way... it's Blasphemy Day, today (30th September)


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