Monday, 8 October 2012

Entertainment stuff from 1-7/10/12

Well, Red Dwarf X is under way. And it's awesome. And so's this tribute musical compilation mix!
'Noise from the Dwarf - celebrating 25 years of Red Dwarf'

How to watch the new series of Red Dwarf - Red Dwarf X - if you don't have a telly:

Apparently, this might work, too (specifically for non-UK fans)

Dave will also be providing the Dwarf episodes, on-line, for a week after broadcast:

In case you want to get deeper into the Dwarfyness:

Have an illusion:

And have a mystery (the answer's in the comments section)

Quote Of The Week: "The only time he opens his mouth is to change feet" - David Feherty

Well -- how bizarre!
A Manchester United versus Everton re-match has been scheduled for 3 years ago - 23rd Nov 2009, from 22nd Nov 1977.

How the border between India and Pakistan is closed, every day.
So, it seems nationalism can make people behave like complete prats, too! ...OK, i already knew that :D

What's all the fuss over same-sex marriage?

360 degree Mount Everest panorama. Stunning!

Wow - powerful thighs! I think i'm in love :-D

A couple of items from the Tumblr column:

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