Monday, 15 October 2012

Entertainment stuff from the week 8-14/10/12

It's a short week, this week, so... "I suppose this is a 'Hey, ho, pip and dandy' moment, sir"

That's a reference to the new series of Red Dwarf, btw -- currently airing on Dave; 9pm Thursdays, 10pm Saturdays, and 9pm the following Wednesday.

If you want to know other ways of watching, see last week's Entertainment article.

Also, new series of 'The Hamster Wheel' and 'The Unbelievable Truth' are currently airing on Aussie television.

You can find the former on the 'Chaser Episodes' YouTube channel. I haven't yet found a source for TUT, but if it's as good as the UK radio version, it'll be well worth a watch!

How the Darkness' 'Hot Cakes' cover was made:
(Yes - this one)

Name Of The Week: Marion Morrison (the birth name of John Wayne. Yes, that John Wayne)

Non-sensical Word Of The Week: Runcible

'What's the best way to sterilize myself without telling my wife?'

Scroll down to the product description, LOL

'Lesbian Atheists Invent Pacu, Release Testicle Eating Fish In Lake Yeager Illinois'
A parody shock-news story. For some reason, i like the idea of "lesbian superscientists" :D

Hot food :-P

Minoan fashion's back in style. Tell your friends! :D

One of the best news headlines ever:

Breastfeeding in public causing a traffic hold-up. Typical bloody females! :-P

Priorities, mate. Priorities :D

"Boobs are like the sun..."

For people with sweet teeth...

Chocolate chocolates in chocolate chocolates-boxes:

Bags made from icing:

Sewing machines made from icing:

Other more-decoration-than-cake cakes:

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