Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Notification 2

This notification's just to brag that i've had my 2000th hit, on this blog!

Yay :)

It's not much to brag about, compared to some many, but then, i don't expect much, LOL.

FYI, my most... hitted? ...article has been the 'Why You Should Boycott The London 2012 Olympics' one. (101 hits)

followed by 'The Darkness 'Hot Cakes' release special' (32 hits)

then 'Why I Hate The BBC's Foremost Science Program - Horizon' (29 hits)

and the 'Mars Curiosity Lander special' (26 hits)

A full list of my non-topical mini-essays:

Comment #15: -- Fraudulent Entertainment

Comment #13: -- I Get It (Religious Beliefs)
Comment #12: -- "Because it's there"
Comment #11: -- Claiming The North Pole
Mars Curiosity Lander special

Comment #10: -- Why I Hate The BBC's Foremost Science Program - Horizon

Comment #9: -- Open Access Science

Comment #7: -- Say Goodbye To All The Fish

Higgs Boson special

'The Ocean Dilemma' - a scientific tool

Comment #6: -- GCSEs and O-levels

Comment #5: -- Tax Avoidance (Jimmygate)

Comment #4: -- 'Sustainability'

Comment #2 -- GM food and the raid of Rothamsted Research
Comment #1 -- 'The Taxpayers' Alliance'

{"a full list"... to date. I have many more, partially written, but i shan't tell you about them, in case you expect them to come, and i don't publish :-P }

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