Monday, 8 October 2012

Comment #14: -- BBC says 'electric cars are destroying the world'

So, here we have an article, published by the BBC, entitled

Electric cars 'pose environmental threat'

Hmm.. slightly emotive. Is this justified by the content of the referred-to report?


Sorry, petrolheads - conservatives - right wingers - it's just not.

In fact, the report gives electric cars a glowing review. But why let content get in the way of a sensational headline?

Aside::: Credit to the BBC for actually citing a source! They have long refused to do so -- it's standard, in science, to cite sources, so that you know where the story came from. Well done -- keep it up.

I was going to write a rant of my own, condemning yet another example of excoriating, anti-scientific journalism, but Bobby Llew's already done it, so read his (also read the comments - one's particularly well referenced).

Electric Cars Choke World to Death!

The BBC - biased and impartial? Unfortunately not.

The reason -- scientific illiteracy.

This is not peculiar to the BBC - it is an endemic problem in journalism. I pay even less attention to other sources of 'news' because the BBC's actually one of the least bad reporters!

...on the web. Don't ever watch BBC TV News -- it's terrible!

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