Monday, 22 October 2012

Entertainment stuff from the week 15-21/10/12

Right - let's get weaving!

On second thoughts - put those looms away, we've got fun stuff to look at.

So, we're half way through Series X of the new Dwarf, half way through a new series of The Hamster Wheel, and there are two episodes of The Unbelievable Truth to watch.

I have no direct links for the episodes of Dwarf, but you can find out how to watch (live and post-broadcast) from the fortnight-ago Entertainment post.

I confess that i have no idea whether the links'll work. Myself, i just record the episodes of the Tele, and play them back from the HDD.

The Hamster Wheel - Season 2 Episode 1

The Hamster Wheel - Season 2 Episode 2

The Hamster Wheel - Season 2 Episode 3

The Hamster Wheel - Season 2 Episode 4

The Unbelievable Truth - Season 1 Episode 1

The Unbelievable Truth - Season 1 Episode 2
(Who's that old bloke, on the panel? It's only Graeme Garden. GRAEME GARDEN!!!)

'For people who go on and on and on…
…it’s an infinity chair!'

A rather good documentary about the life of Freddie Mercury. Yes, i am a Queeneros... and a Darkling (the Hawkins brothers are both Queeneros too, btw)

Unit Of The Week: the Erg

Sentence Of The Week: "John, where James had had "had", had had "had had". "Had had" had had the teacher's approval."
(And now you can challenge your friends to write a sentence with eleven of the same word, all in a row!)

Poem of The Week:

"There was a young lezzy called Lizzy,
Her swearing made everyone dizzy.
She went off on rants with her hand down her pants,
And that’s how she kept herself busy!"

Wow - a beautiful panorama of sweet Paris, from above the Eiffel Tower

A joke. This one's 'clean'... sort of :D

A young girl started work in the village drug store. She was very shy about having to sell condoms to the public.
The owner was going on holiday for a couple of days and asked if she would be willing to run the shop on her own.
She had to confide in him her worries about selling the contraceptives.

"Look," he said. "My regular customers don't ask for condoms, they'll ask for a 310 [small] a 320[medium] or a 330[large]. The word 'condom' won't even be used.

The first day was fine but on the second day a black guy came in to the shop, put out his hand and said "350".

The girl panicked. She phoned the owner on his mobile and told him of her predicament.

"Go back in and check if he has a yellow bucket hanging between his legs" her boss told her.

She peeped through the door and saw the yellow bucket hanging between his legs. "Yes"! she said, " He's got one hanging there"!

The boss said "Go back in and give him £3-50 ... he's the window cleaner"!

And some more:

Last night I reached for my liquid Viagra and accidentally swigged from a bottle of Liquid Paper. I woke up, this morning, with a huge correction!

My girlfriend said she was leaving me due to my obsession with the 60's group The Monkees.
I thought she was joking ......... And then I saw her face......

My budgie broke his leg today so I made him a little splint out of a couple of Redhead matches. His little face lit up when he tried to walk...
unfortunately, I had forgotten to remove the sandpaper from the bottom of his cage.

I remember the manly ads of the good old days, before the campness of Fairy liquid: " you can have hands as soft as your face, with Pond's face-hardening cream..."
I've still got a tub, somewhere...

For a Straight man, using public toilets is like playing golf -- you keep your eye on the ball, both hands firmly on the shaft, and you try not to veer off to the side!

'Shit NEVER said during the Olympics'

'The nude men clock' (safe for work)
I could watch this all day :D
...nothing to do with the cartoon nuddies -- it's just OCD :P

Those moments you wish you could catch on camera:

And another joke:

I was doing gardening, this weekend, and my wife was about to take a shower. I realised that I couldn't find the rake, so I yelled up to my wife; "Where is the rake?"

She couldn't hear me and she shouted back, "What?" I pointed to my eye, and then I pointed to my knee and made a raking motion.

My wife wasn't sure and said "What?" I repeated the gestures. "Eye - Kneed - The Rake"

My wife replied that she understands and signals back. She first points to her eye, next she points to her left breast, then she points to her bum, and finally to her crotch.

Well, there is no way in hell I could even come close to that one. Exasperated, I went upstairs and asked her, "What the hell was that?"

She replies, "Eye - Left Tit - Behind - The Bush"

LOL - not an official broadcaster, i'm guessing :D

Wowah -- lovely patterns, to finish, drawn in French snow, by Simone Beck :)

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