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Entertainment stuff from the week 25-31/3/13

Hi, Younglings

Whether you be AC, or DC, or both...

What you're about to see and hear Bill O'Reilly do will knock you out! (providing you're aware of him, that is)

'The Gay Twilight Zone' - Bionic Dance

And either way, you'll find this disgusting:

'New skin-eating amphibian discovered'

"Scientists have discovered a new species of caecilian - a worm-like amphibian - whose young peel off and eat their mother's skin."

It's not the most pleasant way of feeding... but then, you mammals do feed on adapted sweat, sucked out of the chest-fat of your mothers, so you can hardly talk :-P

Remember the Naiad Rug's short-film competition?

And remember that i thought Sally Le Page's was the best? Well, it seems the panel agreed:

'I won the Guardian competition!'

'The Checkout - Episode 2'

Anyone notice the time just gone? Numerology's arbitrary, but it is occasional fun ;-)

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Skulls of early humans carry telltale signs of inbreeding, study suggests'
"Traces of genetic abnormalities, such as EPF, are seen unusually often in the skulls of Pleistocene humans, from early Homo erectus to the end of the Paleolithic."
Oh, that explains a lot :-P

'An Electric car called Trev | Fully Charged'
Bobby Llew certainly gets to play with some odd vehicles! Electric cars are usually quiet :-D

'ADVENTURES IN FINE PRINT : FLIGHT INSURANCE | The Checkout | Thursdays, 8pm on ABC1'

'THE RATIONAL CONSUMER | The Checkout | Thursdays, 8pm on ABC1'
The only researchers' names i recognised were Dunning and Kruger. The way to tell whether you're ignorant, is to introspect yourself for doubt. The more you know, the more you aware you will be of not knowing other things - this results in doubt. If you don't feel doubt... you're ignorant!

'Cassetteboy - David Cameron's School Days // Bad Teeth'
I agree with Ed: "L.O.L"

'Thank You God - Tim Minchin' :-D

'Water Divining / Dowsing Tests 2013' - the Mighty Mitta Muster Water Divining Test, 2013 (46 minutes)
The excuses these people come up with are the real wonder of water-divining - from fictional rivers, to wood quality, to the barmy idea that a third of our body is made of static electricity! Wondrous entertainment :o)

'Safe Cracking - Numberphile' - Richard Feynman, the spare-time safe-cracker!

'Somersby Cider' - a great spoof

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Un-quotes Of The Week:

Captain Scott of the Antarctic: "Glad Oates brought his family's porridge factory - we should last forever on this lot"

Joan of Arc: "Thank you for the warm welcome"

Hannibal: "This is the last time i charter a jumbo from Virgin"

Word Of The Week: suspire -- to sigh / exhale a long breath

Expression Of The Week: "small fry" -- someone or something that is small and/or insignificant ('fry' is a term used for juvenile fish of many species)

Headline Of The Week: Andy Blair wins Capital Punishment 2013 mountain bike race

Quote Of The Week: "Two cannibals eating a clown. One says to the other; "does this taste funny to you"?" - Tommy Cooper

Acronym Of The Week: SMEG -- Société Monégasque de l'Electricité et du Gaz (a gas company, and generic insult in the sci-fi-sit-com Red Dwarf)

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'This 'DRM' Chair Will Self-Destruct After Eight Uses'
DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and it's what money-hoarding corporations sometimes use to prevent the sharing of files you've bought from them. What if hard products worked that way?

'The Particle Physics Song'
Performed by members of the CERN Choir, in the CERN Control Centre, to the tune of Flanders & Swann's 'The Hippopotamus Song' with lyrics by Danuta Orlowska.
Here's the original:
'The Hippopotamus Song(s) - Flanders & Swann'

The amazing floating stages of the Bregenz Festival, on the Austrian shore of Lake Konstanz (the Bodensee):

A lion getting beauty treatment:

Horizons, in New Zealand - a giant steel sculpture that looks like a cartoon:

More funny pareidolia via Richard Wiseman

'Can you work this out?'
I think i have... which probably means i'm wrong :-D

Wildlife crime scene. Can you work this one out?

'Roger Federer plays left-handed'
I bet i'd still lose :-D

Bryan Berg: cardstacker extraordinaire!

The 'you had one job' meme:

World's smallest beer:

Catching up on this year's puns:

"Renewable energy - i'm a big fan" / it makes light work... / water way to power a city

A good, aussie headline :o)

The little boys' room:

Hermione more of these Harry Potter references are we going to have to put up with?

Coors flight:

Intents stargazing:

Wizardry at the pump:

When they said i should "pump iron"...

Drag racing. Looks like fun. Streaking along the track. That would be even more fun :-P

Let's get some facts straight: this stinks, and it's making me mad/cry/mad/cry/mad/cry.... but i suppose i'll have to go with the flow. Sorry, i have to go, i've got cravings for... um... um... i can't remember...

Disney on ice!

Ice see your car's gone for a drink:

Push. Push! PUSH!
{What you can't see is that there's no handle on the other side. That's right - they're in there for... a maternity :-P }

Being a chemist is serious bismuth. Inability to copernicate properly is so rustrating - it can drive you mendeleev! And everyone else just thinks you're talking in tungsten!

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