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Entertainment stuff from the week 6-12/5/13

Hi, badgers

Firstly, some notifications:

Happy Birthday, David Attenborough :-)

And Happy Birthday Richard Feynman... he would have been 95

But unfortunately, so long and farewell to Ray Harryhausen. Thanks for all the plasticene monsters. Your movies were are awesome :)

For those of the masochistic persuasion, it should be noted that the coming week will feature the 'Big Escape'. No, not 'The Great Escape', the 'Big Escape' - the 'ESC' - the 'Eurovision Song Contest'. And yes, that joke was a reference to the qwerty keyboard :-P

Anyone who doesn't have the good fortune to be born European, or a man, or a woman, will unfortunately not be aware of this competition. You, are the lucky ones.

'Beginner's Guide To Eurovision Song Contest'

They didn't mention the best act of all, though - Frida Boccara - philistines!

She was woooooonnnnnderful... [dribbles onto lapel]

'Ohe O Ohe'

'Le Whisky De Papa'

'Cent Mille Chansons (Live)'

'Un Jour, Un Enfant'

''Monster' Carcass Washes Ashore in New Zealand'

But what was it? It turns out that the huge, semi-rotted carcass, was actually the remains of an Orca (a 'killer whale')

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright promised us a third film to their trilogy of two amazing, classic films, some time ago: Shaun Of The Dead, and Hot Fuzz.

It looks like this is it:

'The World's End - Teaser Trailer'

Apparently, the film was shot in the beautiful garden cities of Hertfordshire (pronounced "heart-fdd-shuh", as in the-thing-that-pumps-your-blood, the-sound-of-a-drunk-person-falling-over, and half-of-a-"shush") - Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City.

Unfortunately, Hertfordshire's also going to be home to the filming of the new Star Wars film. Anyway, let's not linger on such things...

Hertfordshire's the real 'Garden of England' by the way - not Kent. 'The Garden of England' is a term coined by Thomas Fuller in 'The History Of The Worthies Of England' in 1622, because Hertfordshire is so beautiful, and because it's just up the road from London - the Capital of England.

Kent's more of an allotment, really - all apples and hops - Hertfordshire's a proper garden; with trees, and flowers, and greenery, and herds of Friesian cows. And who doesn't have cows in their garden? Don't you? :-P

...or maybe it's more of a 'Father Ted'-style pronunciation 'mistake' :-P

'Study: Amusement rides injure 4,400+ kids a year'

"Researchers found that from 1990 to 2010, 92,885 children under the age of 18 years were treated in United States emergency departments for amusement ride-related injuries for an average of 4,423 injuries each year."

Not so amusing! And that's the USA alone.

Maybe that parents' taunt needs changing:

"If your friends went to an amusement park, would you follow them? I don't think so! [wags finger]"

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Quickfire Science - World's Tiniest Film'
IBM - famous for creating an SEM image of its logo, made in atoms - has created this movie, of 'A Boy And His Atom'
Here's the explanation behind the welcome:

If you're wondering whether this is a rip-off, it's not - it's a collaboration. All i can say is "badger, badger, badger, badger, save the badgers!"
'The Badger Song by Queen's Brian May'

This skit's so funny! It's about aesthetic insecurity products (cosmetics), or 'personal care' products, as the industry calls them! That makes them sound so much more important than they really are, doesn't it.

It's a foot long but it's not; it's a fillet but it's not; it's organic but it's not; it's secure but it's not; vitamins are not good for you but they are; and fruit is fruit except when it isn't. Welcome to the wonderul world of marketing!
'WHAT'S IN A NAME? | The Checkout'
{How the hell can water be organic, anyway? It's just H2O!}

Poor Jules - he's bought the marketing bunk that it being yoghurt necessarily means it'll be good for him!

'Clive Palmer - Funny as Hell (Mad as Hell)'

'Suricate - La Terre : Le Film / Earth : The Movie'
If you can't understand French, just click on the envelope symbol and turn on English captions.

Is it me, or is this guy obsessed with bacon?? :-P
'A bag of flour and a bucket of water - Swede Mason'

'The Checkout - Episode 8'

'Judge Judy Goes Senile'
"Woman obsessed with wearing glasses uses tampons to buy a man falsely advertised as a dog (who subsequently attacked her with a sofa) from a woman who stands accused of being a man by a highly paranoid Judge Judy, and uh... oh yea, Bert's some kinda pervert."

'6 Horrifying Animal Kills Science Didn't Think Were Possible'

'Virgin's Sir Richard Branson turns stewardess after losing bet'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: superfecundation -- where a female carries two zygotes, fertilised by different males. 1 in 40 non-identical twins are heteropaternal from superfecundity; it's more common in cats and dogs

Expression Of The Week: "salad days" - the time of one's carefree youth

Etymology Of The Week: pretender -- one who claims something that is not available e.g. a throne; from latin "praetendo", meaning 'to stretch out before', as in a claim

Quote Of The Week: "They say you shouldn't say anything about the dead, unless it's something good. Well, they're dead, and that's something good"

Fact Of The Week: Sheldon Cooper - the character on The Big Bang Theory - is named after the film actor and producer Sheldon Leonard, and Leon Cooper, who won the 1972 Nobel Prize for Physics for his theory of superconductivity. The Big Bang Theory's executive producers are CBS - Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, Steven Molaro - and CBS is also the acronym for the surnames of the authors of the Nobel Prizewinning work already mentioned: Cooper, Bardeen, and Schrieffer

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

This is just too awesome. I happened to stroll over it again, and it had to be reposted:
'THE DARKNESS - I Believe In A Thing Called Love [Hammersmith. Nov 2011]'


Awesome perspective work:
Click on the "source" link to see the video

And here to see another aweseome perspective video:
'Tetris Stop Motion 3D Chalk Art'

And i don't even like candyfloss!

It's the Andrex puppy, you barbarian! LOL

Star Trek. In this episode, the crew all got stoned off their faces, and spent the majority of the episode staring at each other and giggling :)

'"Weird Al" Yankovic - Polka Your Eyes Out'

'"Weird Al" Yankovic - Bohemian Polka'

'Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized' - The Onion
{If they really did this, no-one would make it through adolescence!}

'Audience Member Farts During Snooker Match'
"I don't know what that sounded like; it sounded a bit strange". Um, yeah.....

'Peniplus: For Men Who Only Have One Penis'

'Umbilical Brothers - Zippers'

Doing a Rubik's Cube blind, with only a few seconds' preparation? Uh, yeah, it seems you can do that...

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