Sunday, 14 July 2013

Entertainment stuff from the week 8-14/7/13

Hello, kitties

It has just come to my attention, via the Skeptic Zone podcast, that the 'Australian Christian Lobby' has been taken over by some cat ladies!

...well, their website has.

...well, the domain name '' has.

"We stand for love, marriage equality and lots of tummy rubs" says Grandmaster Hilary.

It's all been quite a hoot. Well, a mew, i suppose :-P

Hear the full story, from the cult leader's mouth, in this interview with Maynard:

'Cat Ladies Take Over Australian Christian Lobby: Maynard Interviews Grandmaster Hilary'

It would be rather ironic if the ACL condemned their actions on the grounds of deception, given that their raison d'etre as Christian propagandists is to convince people that the worship of a 2000-year-old half-dead half-deity that fertilised an adolescent girl to birth itself, so three decades later it could kill itself in order to 'forgive' its creations for the mistake it made thousands of years earlier when it entrapped their soon-to-be-immensely-inbred ancestors with a magic garden, magic tree, and talking serpent which resulted in the proliferation of a fictional crime called sin that is still around because this deic suicide failed... [deep breath] ...then you can live forever in a fictional place called heaven where nothing fun happens and you just lick God's arse for eternity.

...and that believing and complying with all of the above would be a good idea, even if it were true.

Frankly, if you're going to expect people to swallow that then you should expect people to play you around :-D

Secondly, and this will have to be next week's 'Headline Of The Week':

'Russians to deploy floating nuclear power plant'

Oh, yeah!

Actually, this is not unprecedented - nuclear powered ships and submarines have been around for 50 years and have demonstrated themselves to be as safe as you like.

The ship is called Akademik Lomonosov, and will be used to provide power to remote settlements where the construction of a local, land-based power station would be highly problematic.

Weirdly, the ship will not be able to drive itself, even though it will be able to power a small city of 200,000 people with 70 MW of electrical energy... I'm sure they have a reason for that... ?!

It will have a displacement tonnage (mass) of 19,500 tonnes, which will make it about this big. Cruise ships weigh upward of 65,000 tonnes and oil tankers more than 200,000 tonnes (empty).

I can see Greenpeace screaming, as i write :-D

The World's End airs on public screens, for the first time, on the 19th. So excited. More spoilers!

'The World's End - Pegg and Frost Featurette'

'Worlds End featurette'

Have you got any plans for dinner at all?

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, mucking about on The One Show:

Another trailer (with different content, of course), on Digital Spy:

The main characters. You might notice a theme to their surnames ;-)

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

You might remember Meytal Cohen - i posted a video of her drumming Boh Rhap, back in February - well, she's just received full funding for her first album! This is her first music video - 'Breathe'.
You can read more about her story, on Kickstarter, here:

'The Internet Music Video (Official)'
I might be slightly late - but this is great :-D

Oh my goodness - this is awesome! I must get me some iron wool :D
'FWS - Burning Iron'

'Gourmet insects: Four dishes filled with grubs'
I've wondered whether people are more squeamish about eating insects than eating mammals, because they can see the whole animal when it goes in their mouth. With mammals and birds, they're at least headless and furless and sometimes unrecognisable from their source. Empathy has always been the bain of a carnivorous diet - that's probably why humans' ancestors shifted to omnivory.

'Gordon Talks Gusset'

'SURICATE - Le Syndrome Post-Rupture' (Post-breakup Syndrome)

'SHARKNADO - Official Asylum Trailer - TOO VIOLENT FOR TV??'
At first, i wan't sure whether this was a serious trailer or a comic horror... but, it turns out, IT's REAL!
(The programme - not the sharknado :D)

'Cat Drug Problem'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word of The Week: demitasse -- a small cup, commonly used to serve Turkish or espresso coffee

Headline Of The Week: 'Cat runs for mayor of Mexican city'

{This is in keeping with my headline story, but can it really be true?!?}

Expression Of The Week: "chicken chaser" -- a nickname for very-low-powered mopeds, with power fit only to chase chickens up a lane

Etymology Of The Week: mutate -- a back-formation from 'mutation' which is from latin 'mutare' meaning 'to change'; hence the relation to 'mutable' which means 'liable to change'

Quote of The Week: "A good audience is like good cuisine: it takes just one dick in it to ruin it" - Marcel Lucont

Fact Of The Week: Pope Pius VII was crowned using a papier-mâché tiara, because Napoleon's army had destroyed all the Papal tiaras when they ransacked the Vatican

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Transparent BluRay Player'

'Steepest Race in Europe' - Ripley's

'Grammar Girl: Readers Share Their Funny Errors'

'Family Guy Peter Griffin "live action"'
Eh - he's not bad - but i want to see Stewie and Brian...

'Turks & Caicos'
Gorgeous islands. But does that look like an economic powerhouse, to you? They have a 90/100 score on the Financial Secrecy Index, as billions-worth of industry is registered on those tiny islands!

Beautiful pareidolia:

'Funny Beer Bottles'

'benedict cumberbatch'

'Best Pareidolia Ever?'

‘Skull Or Flower - You Decide!’

‘Monster Illusion’

‘The Celica Troll’

‘Evil Plotting Boxes’

‘Mr. Angry Mop-Head’

‘Shocked And Surprised’

‘Faces Everywhere’

All of these videos should be seen in full screen, at 1080p

'Earth As You've Never Seen It'
Stunning shots of Earth, from the Landsat satellite

'Galapagos: Realm of the Giant Sharks'

'Tour of the Moon (our One and Only)'

'The View from Space - Countries and Coastlines'

'Part I: High-Res Images of Cities at Night (from ISS)'

'Part II: High-Res Images of Cities at Night (from ISS) '

'Black Marble: Unprecedented New Views of Earth at Night from Space'

'Earth Morphing Before Our Eyes'

'Surface of the Sun As You've Never Seen It'

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