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Entertainment stuff from the week 16-22/9/13

Hi, gracious readers

It was 'World Gratitude Day' on the 21st September, and it's 'Bi Visibility/Awareness Day' on the 23rd of September it 'Bi Visibility Day' or 'Bi Awareness Day'? ...that's just typical of them to not be able to make up their minds, isn't it :-P

Here's the global events list if you want to get involved.

In honour of this occasion, i've rummaged through the old Uxbridge English Dictionary, and found some pertinent words. And some rather impertinent ones, besides.

This should be groan inducing :D

Bicycle - an icycle that swings both ways

Biannual - a yearly magazine for bisexual people

 {Incidentally, a diannual is a yearly obituary journal}

  {{Double incidentally, a diannual is what you would be appearing in if a Grammar Nazi caught you using the word - it's a mix of greek and latin!}}

Biceps - tongs that work with both meat and veg

Biceps - interestingly, this also means a fungus that swings both ways

Embrace - a pair of men

 {'Im-brace, you see - a brace is a pair of something, so it's a a pair of 'ims - hims. Ah, never mind...}

Transparent - a mother who used to be a father, or vice versa

Bifacial - a sexual act

 {If you happen to be under 18, you shouldn't have read that one}

Quorn - Queer porn

 {If you happen to be under 18, you shouldn't have consumed that one... but i bet many of you have, haven't you!}

Quench - a Queer wench

 {If you happen to be... ah, sod it...}

Cocksure - a nudist beach

Rearrange - a selection of buttocks

Assay - a rigorous study of bottoms

Binocular - a randy bisexual vampire

Binding - a fairy tale ending where the main character gets rescued by a prince and a princess

 {I can't think of anything more romantic [slushy music plays out] ... }

And the torture shall end there... it's more like an Umbrage English Dictionary.

I must say that i do feel gracious, myself, for all the people who've read my blog - the number of hits is now up to 7000! Today, a blog; tomorrow, the world! Mwahahaha.....

I just noticed that Michael Fish has a twitter feed... and a sense of humour:

"@HurricaneFish" :-D

He's very well known, in the UK, for stating, quite emphatically, that despite rumours, there was to be no hurricane, one night in 1987... merely some strong winds, and mostly over Spain.

...and then 'The Great of Storm of 1987' happened!

Oh well, Michael. Never mind... i think they're over it, now.

But congratulations to Mr Timothy Minchin, who is now no longer a mister!

'Dr Tim'

He is a doctor!

The best comments. But now no longer the top comments. Is there no justice left in the world? :-D

TVFILMBUFF: "On behalf of this universary I confer the honorary degree 'Doctor of Letters'... specifically a couple of Gs, an R and an E, an I and an? N... upon Timothy David Minchin"

EthannatMC: "Tim Minchin "confirmed" for 13th Doctor!?"

He's definitely quirky enough. Plus, we'd get some awesome songs in every episode :-D

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme sketch - 'Lucy's Complex Dilemma' - S3,E1' (my upload)

'John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme sketch - 'Ice-Cream Van Painter interview' - S3,E2' (my upload)

'10 new bets you will always win (and a link to a secret bet!)' - Richard Wiseman

'A Capella Science - Bohemian Gravity!'
That's a nice hypothesis you have there. Outstripped by your musicality, though :D

'Going Down the Rabbit Hole (Live) Whitney Avalon & Jonathan Hurley'

'Wanna see a talking egg?'

'Shed Science: Starfish (@McFlyMusic 'Star Girl' parody)'
Is it me, or does she look pretty damn good as Doctor Who? :) P.S. you took a pun around the word "anus" and... well, removed its punniness. But i suppose that can be overlooked. Grrrow, Doctor Sally :)

'"Random Acts Of Somethingness" Tales Of Mere Existence'

"This Thai ad will make you cry"
Damn right it will! Though i'm not sure how well it advertises telephony... but it does a great job of advertising universal healthcare.

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: bromidic -- stale, trite, or commonplace through overuse

Expression Of The Week: "slam nom" -- to eat a large quantity of food (usually unhealthy food) rapidly due to extreme hunger

Etymology Of The Week: orange -- from sanskrit as 'naranga'; imported through Venice where the Italians mysteriously lost the initial 'n' so it became 'arancia', then through French into English 'orange'. The colour is named after the fruit, which is why the terms 'red kite' 'robin redbreast' 'red squirrel' 'red deer' and 'redheaded people' exist (they are all orange but the word simply wasn't used for the colour, at the time of naming)

Quote Of The Week: "Let it alone. Let’s to billiards. Come, Charmian." - Cleopatra (the character, in Shakespeare's 'Antony And Cleopatra')

Fact Of The Week: The speed a baby crawls across a floor is about 1.8 kmh - the same speed as one of our nearest stars, Alpha Centauri B wobbles to and fro, due to the orbital tug of its planet, Alpha Centauri B b?

Headline Of The Week: 'St Kilda's Clinton Jones apologises for dwarf burning incident'

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'22 Chinese Signs That Got Seriously Lost In Translation'

The Japanese, however, are much more sensible.

'Radishes That Orgasm When You Touch Them'

...ah. My mistake.

'Stunning Landscape Portraits Made From Fresh Food'


'Super Mario Bros. Parkour'

'These Dresses Are Not Made For Wearing'

Anxiety graffiti:

Salvador Dali coffee:

'Epic Construction FAILS'
I'm pretty sure the wonky door one's deliberate. Getting it right would be easier than making it wonky like that!

'The illusory pencil drawings of Ramón Bruin'
Oh my - these are great :-)

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