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Entertainment stuff from the week 9-15/9/13

Hi voters,

This Thursday will be the 120th anniversary of New Zealand's becoming the first self-governing country to give women a vote in a national election. So i suppose now's an opportunity to rub ourselves on the back for being so much less sexist than our great-grandparents were. But we should also appreciate that there are still changes to be made to the way we live, and the beliefs we hold about what makes a man a man, a woman a woman, and an other a whatever-they-might-be.

Also, this Friday will be the 380th anniversary of Galileo's 'inquisition' by superstitionists, merely for asserting a fact. That's a reminder that even if silly beliefs aren't dangerous to people who possess them, they can at least be dangerous to those who have the gall to be honest in front of such people.

More topically - the Australian Federal Election 2013 is over!

...and the Aussie electorate have opted for the charismatic creepy bigot, instead of the boring-but-less-bigoted megalomaniac (Abbott over Rudd)

Didn't anyone tell them to STOP THE VOTES? Maybe i misheard... :-P

'The Hamster Decides - Episode 5'

You can find more of The Chaser's stuff on my YouTube playlist, here:

Advert: You can now buy boxes of science from Myles Power!

'FWS - Ferrofluid Home Experiment Kits'

Just don't spill them!

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Caro Emerald - One Day (Radio Edit)'

'Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection'

'Funny Today Tonight credits - Hamster Decides (Chaser)'
"The complete and unedited credit sequence that Today Tonight ran on the night of the Labor leadership spill"

'How would you react?'
The comments are even funnier than the video. And i agree that it's faked - too may camera angles!

'The Importance of Punctuation!'
This one does appear to be verified:

'Can anyone explain this?'
Yes. The motion of the aeroplane (a vertical, backward loop) is causing a net force through the 'bottom' of the plane, simulating a gravitational pull. If the pilot flattened their course out, in this orientation, water would pool in the 'top' of the cockpit, as you'd expect.

Wow - GET HER!!!

'Doll-Faced Bodybuilder'
So femme, and yet so muscular! 'You go, girl' :)

'How guitar players sometimes see the drummer'
Haha - fantastic!

'13 Science Myths You Probably Believe'
I didn't, actually... but then, you'd expect that of a science blogger, wouldn't you :o)

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Quote Of The Australian Federal Election 2013: "No-one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom" - Tony Abbott

Poll Of The Australian Federal Election 2013: "Channel 7 Question Of The Day: "Who is your preferred Prime Minister: Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?" Answer: "YES: 56%; NO: 44%"."

Pithy Abbreviation Of The Federal Australian Election 2013: "It is what others have called 'The. Audacity. Of. Hope'; or put more simply: 'Our. Simple. Audacious. Belief. That. We. Can. Make. Our. Community. And. Our. Country. And. World. A. Better. Place. For. All. Not. Just. For. Some. For. All. Not. Just. For. Some'." - Kevin Rudd

Accidentally Truthful Journalist Quote Of The Australian Federal Election 2013: "...64.8% there, for Paul Fletcher. One of the safest Liberal cunt seats in the, err..." - Antony Green

Word Of The Week: truculent - quick to argeu or fight; aggressively defiant

Headline Of The Week: 'Canberra Man Lodges Fork In Penis'

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'A Supercell Thunderstorm Over Texas'

What would you see near a black hole?

'Orbiting a Black Hole'

'Circling a Black Hole at its Photon Sphere'

'Playing with Fire'

Rob Prideaux is a San Francisco photographer who couldn't find interesting pictures of fire anywhere on the net... so he made his own. And didn't he do well!

'How can a river be underwater?'

More fantastic photography - of a halocline in a lake in Mexico:

'12-Course Meal in a Can'
Looks disgusting. Probably is. You'd have to be quite daring to try it...

'Do You Remember the First Time You Tasted A Lemon? These Kids Will!'

'Man Builds Mountain Atop Apartment. Shocker! Neighbors weren’t happy'
Eccentric millionaire doctor Zhang Biqing paid for 6 years of construction top of the 26-storey high-rise he lives in. Unfortunately, he didn't get enough permits, which means it's probably all coming down again, pretty soon ...I mean the mini-mountain - not the high-rise building!

'Unbelievable Skin Writing'

This is wonderful - making a skin condition beautiful :)

A beach cartoon:

A horse wearing a people costume:

A robot hexapod. Rather interesting. But what does one do with such a contraption, may i ask?

'Pixels' - a short animated film

How times change!

'Lesbian Mountain' - a parody of Brokeback Mountain

'Porn 3D glasses' via Illegal Advertising
Ha - people already sing along when they're listening to their iPods - is it really a good idea for people to be shagging thin air because they're unaware others are watching? :-D

'Epic Guinness commercial' via Illegal Advertising


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