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Rant of the week: the direct corruption of Science by feminist sexism.

'Here's how to get more women promoted to top jobs in universities'

{Bitchy aside: note that this article was written by Virginia Kilborn, Birgit Loch, and Helana Scheepers, in The Conversation. Women are dominating this Conversation!}

"Women may now outnumber men in the ranks of university students but men still outnumber women in leadership roles"

When your ideology sees people not as workers, or enthusiasts, and doesn't value them for their work or enthusiasm, but instead values them for their sex, there is a name for that ideology. It's called 'sexism'.

When your ideology sees men outnumbering women as a problem ("men still outnumber women in leadership roles") but doesn't see it as a problem when women outnumber men ("Women may now outnumber men in the ranks of university students but...") there is a name for that ideology. It's called 'sexism'.

Specifically, i'd call it 'sex factionalism' as it sets the sexes up as competing factions, instead of mutual parts of one whole species.

- Women outnumber men as university students? Well, that's one in the back of the net, let's keep on playing.

- Men outnumber women as 'leaderrrrrrs'? Well, that's a travesty, and something must be done about it!

Feminist sexism is responsible for inculcating this perception - that inequality favouring men is a problem worth doing something about, but inequality favouring women is no problem at all.

The masculists are just as cretinous, in doing the same with the genders swapped around. In a feminist's mind, Men's Rights Movement = evil toxic masculinity; Women's Rights Movement = wholesome goodness and purity and light. I'm sure you can do the 'vice versa' yourself.

It would be just as moronic to write this sentence, and demand that it be heeded:

"Men may now outnumber women in leadership roles, but women still outnumber men in the ranks of students"

Implication: that one disparity is not a problem, but the other is one that must be corrected. With brute force, if necessary. FORCE those statistics. Bend and stretch. BEND AND STRETCH. FEEL THE BURN. PAIN IS GOOD.

{Note: girls consistently outperform boys at school (up to 18 years) in all areas, and at all ages, both academically, and even socially. Evidence of female superiority, or the oppression of boys? Neither. It depends what sexist narrative you want to superimpose on it!}

Feminism is just one of many ideologies that, due to its superstitious nature (it exists despite evidence, not because of it) causes people to see any cost as an affordable one, for the sake of the ultimate goal.

- Fire people for making a glib remark? Why not.

- Lynch and castrate people for being the subject of an article in Rolling Stone? Yes please.

- Attempt to destroy someone's life for doing a prank video? Absolutely; give it to me baby, give it to me hard and steady.

Feminism is not the solution to sexism (as i have said many times before) it is sexist itself - it is only making the problem worse.

{A century ago, it was easy for 'Northern' suffragists to equivocate between feminism (word not used at the time) and egalitarianism as the rhetoric of feminist sexists was less necessarily fiction-based. Now, however, sexism is so unapparent in the UK, that whiney feminists have to hallucinate sexism into everything - even toilets and air-conditioning!}

As a consequence of this, the application of feminism to 'problems' whether real or not, only makes them bigger, or produces problems out of nothing. Let's follow the enlinked article further and see how they attempt to 'solve' the 'problem' of a disparity in some numbers...

"SAGE [Science in Australia Gender Equity] aims to address the situation for the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) areas that traditionally have very low participation by women"

Note the abuse of terminology. Low numbers of women is not a "tradition" and neither is low numbers of Queer people - it's not a 'social construct' like that. Feminism is noted for its abuse of language, most frequently for its abuse of the term 'gender' which is a grammatical construct - it has nothing to do with your body or mind! See the videos 'Evolution and language' and 'Qu'ran's Miracle Of The Female Honey Bees' below.

"The SAGE pilot promises to provide sufficient incentive for universities to rethink how to support female academics to increase the number of women in senior positions."

So the whole point of SAGE is not to increase freedom to get into Science, regardless of sex, it is to support "female academics" and to "increase the number of women" in positions of power.

Imagine if this were the White Rights Movement, instead of the Women's Rights Movement, and the sentence said this:

"The SARE pilot promises to provide sufficient incentive for universities to rethink how to support white academics to increase the number of whites in senior positions."

Now, isn't that more obviously horribly bigoted?

It's incredibly race-partizan, and it actively imposes a requirement on universities, to judge people on the grounds of race, instead of competence and enthusiasm for Science.

Time and time again, this is exactly what we see from feminism -- the demand that women be favoured, not on the grounds of merit, but on the grounds of sex.

Science doesn't need women. Science doesn't need men. Science needs scientists - enthusiasts for the application of the scientific method. Whether they're man or woman or amphibian. Or reptile.

Disturbingly, and unsurprisingly, if you continue to read the same article, you'll see that they actually achieved success, at 'correcting' the disparity that they hadn't even proved to be an extant problem in the first place. The factionalist's mind sees a disparity, and is willing to play it any way they want.

But i want to jump to another article, that i found this morning, to demonstrate quite how easy it is to find this crap. It's not just on YouTube, ready to be eviscerated by Thunderf00t - this shit's in the real world, AFK.

'Research reveals success of campaign to increase proportion of women experts in news'

"Research reveals success of campaign to increase proportion of [white] experts in news"

"Professor [Liz] Howell said: "These results are astonishingly good news and show that the campaign to get more women experts used in news programmes has helped to change the industry..."However, women are still not being used enough by flagship shows in this country and it is clear that more work needs to be done"."

Yes, because using women is a good thing, isn't it. <s>

Human beings are not props. They're not pawns in a game of sex/race/religion/nationality chess.

The key to equality, is that people are being treated according to equal rules - that means the same opportunity for everyone. No special groups. No 'safe spaces'. No boys-only or girls-only clubs. No whites-only or blacks-only buses.

Why would you want to specifically see more women on TV, anyway?

An expert's an expert's an expert. I don't care what sex they are. I don't want to know about their chromosomal makeup, or the shapes of their genitals, or even whether their breasts are 'real'.

Why would anyone want to see more women on TV?

The only conceivable explanation is that they've decided that they prefer looking at women, not despite but because of their shapely figures, gracile features, and coquettish mannerisms. {Womynerisms?}

How is this not perceived as sexist? BBC News 24 is not Babestation!

It would be just as sexist, to say that you wanted more men in nursing, because you personally feel more reassured by the tall stature, big warm hands, and deep rumbly voice of a man.

Well, that might be true. But imagine if your personal and subjective preference were determining who got hired and fired! Yah-boo to their qualifications.

Ultimately, sex is generally not a salient detail, for careers. Even 'brain sex' is bullshit. Efforts to eradicate sexism, should involve the elimination of sex from decision-making, not the drawing of it into the spotlight!

Unfortunately, the shit got real a long time ago, and it seems to be getting worse.

'National hiring experiments reveal 2:1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track'

Feminism is actively making society more sexist.

In other news:

Mark Thomas is a domestic extremist. Apparently. FSM, why do you tolerate these awful euphemisms? What the hell is an extremist? Someone who enjoys extreme ironing? Someone who was formerly a tremist? Someone who's extremely 'ist'? Mark Thomas is a comedian, satirist, and campaigner for Human Rights, which inevitably leads him into investigative (proper) journalism. That those investigations involve cases regarding the police, and companies, does not warrant snooping. Not even attending demonstrations, carrying trays of cress, and “appearing confident”. If you'd like to appear as confident as Mark, he's arranged some 'domestic extremist' pinnies, LOL. You can see them in the article :-D

It's definitely happened before, but no human being had been watching closely when it happened. An international team of astrophysicists has collectively witnessed the consumption of a star, by a black hole, and the resultant jet of stellar material, streaming out into space. The whole process took several months. But of course, due to the unique way that the cosmos is funded, the whole event took place 300 million years ago, when some of the light from the star left in Earth's direction.

Three weeks ago, i mentioned the Peruvian government's claimed success in protecting 14,170 square kilometres of the country's Amazonian basin. This week, i get to tell you that Brazil's government has announced a 16% rise in deforestation, costing 2,251 square miles between July 2014 and 2015. That's enough to erase Peru's new national park in less than 7 years. Deforestation is a major environmental problem, and a major contributor to CO2eq emissions, as the forest is a huge carbon store.

It's not just the bees that should be worried for. Butterflies have also been found to be negatively affected by neonicotinoids. 15 species have shown declines associated with neonicotinoid use, which collects in the hedgerows bordering farmers' fields. Other studies have shown cause for concern for other insects, for birds, and for other wildlife too. Fundamentally, the whole problem stems from the plants' inability to defend themselves from predation by insects, which is in turn due to the sweeter flavour of defenceless vegetables. The pressure for genetic modification therefore, is to somehow produce plants that can defend themselves, and therefore don't require pesticides to be sprayed on and around them, but that still taste palatable to consumers.

So, as linked above, brain sex is not a thing; but is fingerprint sex a thing? According to the claimant, "amino acid levels in the sweat of females are about twice as high as in males". But this is a statistical disparity - populationary and individual data are rarely directly translateable. Knowing that someone is 5'6" tall, for example, means they are more likely to be a man, but there are lots of women that tallness too. Halámek - the author - claims 99 percent accuracy of correct sex classification with "mimicked fingerprint samples" which sounds superficially convincing, but the use of the word 'mimicked' suggests an unrealistically polarised test scenario might have been used. Selling a brain-sex test depends on a sample of hypermasculine and hyperfeminine men and women, where the disparity is obvious, and unrepresentative of most people. In practice, the fingerprint-sex test might only be able to say "this fingerprint is 56% likely to have come from a woman". And that's not so useful :-D

Here is a 'technology' that will be plagued by the same problem. Can this software really tell you someone's age and sex, by the way they write? I submit that you're likely to learn more by what they write, than the fashion in which they do it!

Do you think you could float a nugget of gold on the froth of a cappucino? Maybe you could with a flake (Goldschläger has gold flakes floating in it) but how about with a nugget, as depicted in the photo, in the article? Like aerogel, this nugget is a foam, mostly consisting of air pockets (49 parts air - 1 parts solid) meaning it looks like a solid nugget, but behaves quite differently. The foam is actually 4/5 gold and 1/5 milk protein, to hold it together. A curious property of gold, is the range of visible colours it can produce, dependent not on valencies in compounds, but on sizes of particle. On the nano-particle scale (10^-9 m) gold particles in colloidal solution can produce colours from red to blue - the whole spectrum - and the same feat has been achieved with this aerogel.

No evidence has ever been discovered for a massive hairy ape that lives all over the world, but an international team of Physicists just found a newly-theorized particle - the type-II Weyl fermion - in tungsten ditelluride crystals. That'll be Science 1-0 Cryptozoology, just for today. The particle exists in many metallic materials, and is responsible for direction-dependent conductivity. When subjected to a magnetic field, the materials containing the particle act as insulators for current applied in some directions and as conductors for current applied in other directions. Quantum Physics being Quantum Physics, i don't see how i can possibly translate the article into an abridged form, here, so you might as well just read the article :-P

Meanwhile, in Egypt, archaeologists are excited by a fence...

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------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: condign -- (adjective) describing a punishment deemed appropriate to a crime or wrongdoing; the root is from latin 'dignus' meaning 'worthy', as in 'dignity'

Quote Of The Week: "Science is the acceptance of what works and the rejection of what does not. That needs more courage than we might think." - Jacob Bronowski

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