Sunday, 1 November 2015

Entertainment stuff from the week 26/10 - 1/11/15

Hi we'eners,

I came down with a certain seasonal bug at just the wrong time, this week, so there's no talky stuff.


But there are a lot of videos. Don't watch them all at once, though - it might get quite noisy if you do :-P


The 31st October was the 40th anniversary of the release of the Bohemian Rhapsody / I'm In Love With My Car single. Bohemian Rhapsody holds the record for being at #1 on the singles charts, in the most calendar years - four - in 1975, 1976, 1991, and 1992.

In other news:

'This Week in Stupid (25/10/2015) - Part 1'

'This Week in Stupid (25/10/2015) - Part 2'

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Exploding Thermite Pumpkins! Halloween Science'

'Green Fire Pumpkin'

'Bradypus Giganteus - Objectivity #42'
There's a beautiful cast of a Megatherium at the Tring Zoological Museum, that i've seen many times

'What Were the Biggest Asteroids to Hit Earth?'

'Richard Dawkins: Essentialism'
The Dawkster's point on Essentialism long predates 2014, but this derives from a 2014 expression of it.

'Insanity in Space: Part 1 (The Beginning)'

'Scientology Going Clear -TLoNs Podcast #100'

'Tesla Autopilot | Fully Charged'

'The Impossible Pink Cards'

'GOD VS the NFL {The Kloons}'


'Strange Lady (found photos 1919)'

'"GIRL AT THE BAR" (Social Anxiety Poem #3) Tales Of Mere Existence'

'Old Vines & New Enemies | Barossa (Plonk Ep 3.1 - Season 2)'

'Ya-la-la-la-la-lumba | Barossa (Plonk Ep 3.2 - Season 2)'

'Branded Discontent | McLaren Vale (Plonk Ep 4.1 - Season 2)'

'Bunk Buddies | McLaren Vale (Plonk Ep 4.2 - Season 2)'

It tastes goooooood :-D

'Finding Your Totem Animal | McLaren Vale (Plonk Ep 4.3 - Season 2)'

'Hot Yachts with Josh Tyler (Plonk Bonus Clip!)'

'The Chaser's Media Circus - Season 2 Episode 7'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: crapulence -- sickness through excessive eating, drinking, or general indulgence (old); treating other people with little respect, especially for personal pleasure (modern)

{Neither of these definitions apply to me, this week. Just so you know ;-) }

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Copos de Nieve' (Snowflakes)

‘Self-Righteous Escalator’

‘Heron Addict’

‘Levitating in the garden’

'The Darkness - 12 - Rack of Glam (Live in Chicago 2015)'

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