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Entertainment stuff from the week 10-16/12/12

Merry Winterval, everyone! [he says in his best Hubert J Farnsworth impression - which is pretty damn good, actually]

I have published the special Winterval thing that i promised last week:
{Despite all the hell blogspot was giving me (the formatting was all over the place!)}

And i've tried to make it frivolous... kind of :D

I hope it comes across, that way.

The last episode of Series 58 of ISIHAC airs tomorrow (Monday), but there will be a Winter special the week after.

See this picture, presumably taken on the day of recording:
{Yes - that is Stephen Fry, in the middle, and an even bigger star - Colin Sell, on the right!} ;-)

The Clue team seem to have been doing their research, as well! They've come up with a whole new caseload of Missed Hits. Read the goss', here, exclusively* to Tapejara:
* "exclusively", in journalism, means "common knowledge"

Alice In Sunderland

Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Commerce

Quantum Of Sausage

One Foot In The Gravy

Withnail And Hammer

Fifty Shades Of Beige

The Devil Wears Primark

Some further discoveries:

'Breaking Glass' and 'Gone With The Wind' have been combined to make a film called 'Geez, Will Somebody Open A Window?'

'Raging Bull' and 'Poor Cow' have come together to make a load of bullocks

'Raging Bull' and 'Scandal Sheet' have resulted in 'Raging Scandal'

'Two Mules For Sister Sara' is due to be remade under the title 'Fair Swap'

I happened to discover that they were going to call the first sequel to 'Jaws', 'Stumps', but thought the joke rather macabre, and so retracted it.

'Carry On Up The Khyber' and 'Gandhi' almost got merged, under the title 'Back Passage To India' but they had second thoughts about that one, too. What a shame, LOL


Some foody ones, now {they've made me quit hungry, actually}:

'Some Like It Hot', 'Mean Streets', and 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold' have been combined to make 'A Hot Mince Pie' {nice and seasonal}

'Wind In The Willows' and 'The Black Hole' have been made into a Toad In The Hole

'Porky's' + 'The Exorcist' have become 'Bacon and Eggs'

'Porky's' + '
The Exorcist' + 'Freud' + 'The Breadwinner' + 'The Wild Bunch' have become 'Bacon and eggs with fried bread and lots of tomato sauce'

Right, that's it - i'm off for a snack. Luckily, i wrote this lot, earlier... ;-)

I've been seeing quite a lot of stuff about dogs that can drive, lately.

Well, it started off as "dogs that can drive", and then became "dogs that are learning to drive" -- there's a big difference!

Judging by this video, and others (official ones) i think they don't have any clue what they're actually doing (i.e. driving) -- the dog seems to be responding to very specific commands, only turns one way, doesn't change gear, and doesn't even keep on the road! ...not promising.

It might give the impression of 'driving' but i really don't think it understands the connection between its actions and what happens to the car... then again, i'm not sure some humans understand that.

"Take me to the pharmacy, Rover" is not a command we should be expecting a response from, any time soon!

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Decay: The LHC Zombie Film' (1h16m)
A zombie film; filmed, produced, acted, by PhD students, working at the LHC, CERN.
The acting's wooden (they are amateurs, after all) but it runs like a parody of zombie films, so it doesn't really matter :)

A parody exposé, for Damian Lewis' stuntman, in Homeland
{from the new Bad Teeth channel - a collaboration involving CassetteBoy}

In remembrance of Patrick Moore, the 700th (and special) edition of 'The Sky At Night' (hosted by Brian May's YouTube channel)
Part 1:
Part 2:

Pareidolic bottle - not from Richard Wiseman [shock] - from Rhys Morgan's tumblr

An instant haircut, from Richard Wiseman:

This is a fantastic display of sleight of hand, by Yann Frisch!

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: effulgent -- shining brightly; radiant; emanating joy or goodness

Expression Of The Week: "on its uppers" -- worn out; approaching its demise

Etymology Of The Week: manky -- through polari, from the latin for 'deficient' [1] [2]
Quote Of The Week: "My role, if I have one, is to try and urge others to do things which I could never do myself. Whether or not I have succeeded must be left for others to judge" - Patrick Moore

Mis-quoted Quote Of The Week: "Houston, we've had a problem" - Jim Lovell

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

A woman decides she wants to feel what 100 kph, on the roof of a car, feels like! Those crazy Poles...

Do you have a photographic memory? Test:
(I failed miserably - i could barely do the first one!)

Either they are massive tables and chairs, or the horses are tiny!

'Melted Snowman' water bottle labels :D

'How academics call something boring' :D

I admit that i don't go out much, but this does happen to me :D

This nyctimene tube-nosed fruit bat does not look like a real animal!

A slightly weird campaign ad, from the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign:

A tool catalogue for the guy who has everything, and still wants more:

An image of the Earth, with its ups and downs exaggerated, to reveal its lumpy, potato-like oblate-spheroid shape: has been selling ad space on the heads of bald men, in the Austin area...

'Spend the Night in a Giant Anus'
Actually, it's not an anus - it's a rectum (or colon) - the anus is just the ring around the hole :-P

'The Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette'
Warning: This is not what you'll expect :D

This one's just for you. Yes, you, and you alone <3
I Drew You A Picture

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