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Entertainment stuff from the fortnight 3 - 16/6/13

Hi, 00-guages

I wandered over the SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) web-site this week (it used to be called MI6).

It's funny - all the ideas that Film & TV presents us with, about what IOs have to be like - and they're mostly wrong.

Here's the SIS' own intro to what being an 'Intelligence Officer' is all about:

I found their skills test quite fun...

I memorised almost all of the information, and was eventually caught out by my date of birth!

That's not a fact that most people get wrong [mwa-mwa-mwa-mwaaa]

Still - i did a lot better than i thought i would - 7 out of 8 :-)

It doesn't take very long, but i'll advise you to have a go - it's good fun :-)

I'm sorry for the lack of article, last week, btw - my aforementioned computer problems worsened, and, well, you can fill in the rest of the story :-(

Good news for the future, though - ISIHAC's coming back for Series 59!

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'"Hello, NSA" by Roy Zimmerman'
{The NSA is the USA's 'National Security Organisation'}

'Barking Dog (slow motion) - Periodic Table of Videos'
Warning! This is not an ordinary barking dog! This is CHEMISTRY...

'Agnieszka Radwanska 2013 Sony Open Tennis Hot Shot'
...this is why i love her, haha <3

'BNP Paribas Open Top 8 Women - Fun Facts Challenge'
Aggie and Sam 'the body' Stosur are in this one. Move over, Elle Macpherson - Sam has your title now! ..."probably me", LOL... :D

'Number Trick - Numberphile'
"...and you can look like a mathematical genius!"

'Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2'

'SURICATE - S.O.S Retard'
The company 'SOS Retard' comes up with a horrifying way to solving the problem of employees sleeping in!

'Ripley’s newest acquisition - a 4-pound tiger hair-ball!'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Scientific Paper Title of The Week: 'Destruction of Nuclear Bombs Using Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Beam'

If a title like that doesn't get you interested in Nuclear Physics, then nothing will. Mwahahahaha... :D

Word Of The Week: extemporaneous -- Spoken or done without preparation

Expression Of The Week: "Bloody Nora!" -- Nora is a woman invented through mispronunciation of "horror" - 'blood and horror' became 'bloody Nora'

Etymology Of The Week: "spick and span" -- meaning clean and fresh; both 'spick' and 'span' used to have multiple meanings, making it difficult to tell which combination originated the term

Quote Of The Week: "Nothing exists except atoms and empty space, everything else is opinion" - Democritus

Fact Of The Week: Lamborghini became a car company when its founder (a tractor manufacturer) was told he didn't know anything about cars by Ferrari

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

Play Cellcraft! An on-line game that will teach you the biology of cells as you play :-)

The area of a pizza with radius 'z' might surprise you:

A glorious ice cave in Russia's far-eastern Kamchatka Peninsula:

Where the Namib Desert meets the sea:

'It’s a fire-breathing dog!'

[+ video] The do-hit chair - a 110 Kg hollow steel cube, that you hit with a hammer to form a chair.
Oh, and the hammer's included in the price.

Here's some weird stuff, mostly from Doubtful News - much of this will be familiar if you read the up-coming Pseudoscience article. It will probably be finished within a week... I promise ;-)

Welcome to the UK, part 2 - the home of quality journalism :-D

...speaking of quality journalism.
The Daily Fail thinks there's an "evil patch" in the fictional "central lobe" of the brain, which makes people eeeeeeviiiiiiil!!!
'Neuro-babble: Where does evil live? [At the Daily Mail?]'

A woman won an uncritical psychic challenge but didn't foresee she wouldn't get the prize money. D'oh! LMAO

Zimbabweans claim a beheaded goblin exploded in their house, destroying it and killing five.

Ah - the incompetence of Bigfoot believers. Melba Ketchum is the world's leading 'studier' of Bigfoot people, and in her recent shash of a paper, she cited an April Fools' joke as evidence of existence!

The shape-shifting alien in the US' Secret Service:

Aeroelastic flutter FTW!
'Spooky waving plant attracts attention: “Hi! Come look at me!”'

'Kickstarting Noah’s Ark as a zoo'
Some Christians in America wanted to build a giant Ark, and use it as a zoo, by just stuffing the animals in without care for living conditions, presumably with a little indoctrination on the side.
The necessary budget for this project? $1.5 million. The amount raised? $825. I do not need prompting to laugh :-D

A real Latvian whirlpool, formed over a sinkhole:

'Heading' down the Hudson river...

A paranormal group in Brazil has offered $1000 for people to be human bait for the 'Caboclo D’Água' - a river-monster blamed for the biting-off of men's testicles while they wade in the water. It's also accredited with increased fishing stocks when sacrificed to.

The woman who believes she's a plant:

The Barbie-doll woman who believes she's perfect
"Many people say bad things about people who want to perfect themselves"
In what sense is the way she looks "success"? In what sense is the way she looks "perfect"? Sure, some people will like her look, but objectively perfect?! This girl's clearly delusional...
"She says she is a singer and also teaches at School of Out-of-Body Travel where she shows students how to leave their physical body and travel in their spiritual body, where you can visit any place on the planet and in the universe.", yeah. Delusional. QED.

'The triple-egg egg that was laid by a chicken, in China'


"Oh, hello there!"

Hello... um... run!!!

The penguins are coming!! Aaaargh... ...awwww.

Ever seen a rabbit take a bath? Well, you're about to have done so, now...

And to finish, a tap-dancing seagull:

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