Sunday, 30 June 2013

Notification 4 - Structure and Feeding

Hi guys!

You will probably have noticed, if you're familiar with this blog, that there haven't been many articles under any category other than 'Mini-Essays' and 'Entertainment', for several months.

I have, in fact, still been reading things that i would love to pass on to you, the wonderful public of the World Wide Web. And you might have noticed me posting a fair few things on Tumblr, and adding to playlists on YouTube. They're just easier than finishing off articles for the blog.... this blog.

In future, there will be no return to last year's pattern of a weekly article under every category - it put me under too much pressure to find something worth telling, for every category, every week.

Instead, i'm going to 'stockpile' things that are worth passing on, and when i've got enough to make a full post with, an article will appear under that heading. This is what i've done with the latest Pseudoscience article, as an example.

'Pseudoscience stuff from the period 28/1 - 21/6/13'

This means some sections will be 'articled' more than others, but at least they will be there - i can blog a lot more casually, if i know i don't have to worry too much about timing - i can just leave it a week, and add a couple more stories in.

You might also have noticed that i've added a link to the Atom feed, under "About Me".

You can copy it into the URL bar, or you can click here:

Or you can go to the bottom of the page and click there.

I case you don't know how Feeds work: You'll get a bookmark folder (in Firefox, at least), in which a new bookmark will appear, every time a new post does. This makes it easier to follow blogs, for their new articles. Try it!
[Screenshot of what it'll look like, and the link at the bottom of the page]

{I've checked Internet Explorer, and it isn't as good as in Firefox, which is what i use. Evidently ^ .}

I gesturally wish you happy blogging :-)

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