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Entertainment stuff from the week 24-30/6/13

Hi, Dawkinsians

This week, i discovered this tumblr:

'Dawkins on Twitter'

"Richard Dawkins says some very odd things on Twitter. This is my attempt to catalogue some of these gems."

Dawko uses his incisive intellect, not just to eviscerate asinine arguments in a staid academic way, but also to satirise brilliantly. other words, he's got a great sense of humour :-P

"Vertebrates generally know how to copulate without instruction or example. Do naive human couples? Any evidence from e.g. Victorian diaries?"

What the heck's going on after 4:50 in this video, however... you'll have to try to work that one out for yourself!

It has not evaded my awareness that Dawko is subject to a lot of offensive behaviour, from many flanks of your human culture.

The reason - i think he's become the subject of popular prejudice - like gas station sandwiches, coffee, and... Americans.

Every human gets to feel smug and knowledgeable and chummy with their friends when they all agree that Starbucks' coffee is less like coffee, and more like frothy water.

Except drinkers, including flying reptiles, generally don't drink coffee for the taste - they drink it for the caffeine hit - bitter coffea solution is what we pay for, and bitter coffea solution is what we get.

Starbucks' coffee complies perfectly with our requirements, and yet slagging it off is widely popular.

It's better than challenging ourselves as to whether our opinions of liking/disliking coffee/Dawko are at all justified though, isn't it.

If people accept that they drink a horrible drink despite not liking it, they'd realise they have a problem. {[nudge]... caffeine addiction]

If people accept that what Dawko says is regularly erudite and insightful, then they'd realise that they have a problem. {Their own lack of understanding with which to challenge his}

Cue flack for myself, for being a fanatical supporter - which i'm not - i don't do fanaticism, because emotion smothers rationality and obscures the truth.

Live long and prosper :-P

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'10 new bets that you will always win' - Richard Wiseman
{Having done the toilet roll one, i've noticed that it requires a firm, stiff surface, otherwise the roll bounces around too much or not at all. If you read this before watching the video... hehe, i bet you're intrigued now :D}

'Did My Wife Cheat On Me?'
Dark Antics makes semi-seriously investigates whether his son is not actually his. And by "semi", i mean "not at all" :-P

'My Room Tour - Boris Johnson // Bad Teeth'

'The (Walrus) Housing Crisis Solved - The Now Show - 21 June 2013'
{My upload}

'Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull Evil Geniuses or Idiots? You Decide!'
Urmmm... idiots.

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: beeturia -- a phenomenon whereby lack of beetulain metabolism results in urine and/or stools are dyed red. This sometimes happens, after eating beetroot, for example

Headline Of The Week: "Cattle exports axed over cruelty claims"

Expression Of The Week: "not on your nelly!" -- an emphatic form of 'no'

Etymology Of The Week: mastication -- through french, from greek - 'mastickhe' meaning 'to chew'; same origin as the tree resin - mastic - used in some chewing gums

Quote Of The Week: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” - Mae West

Fact Of The Week: There is a Jewish prayer - a blessing from the Talmud - that involves thanking Yahweh for not making them a woman

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

Get him!

Oh dear...

50 brilliant pub chalkboards :-D

More pareidolia - happy car headlights :o)

British Ham:

Seal proselytism:

Adverts for sex shops - highly amusing :o)

All kinds of legolas:

I'm not going to Indiana - the cats are humungous, over there!!!

'How to Solve a Physics Problem'

"You know how sometimes you’re browsing in a DVD shop, and you notice that the little divider things with the film names on them are telling you a short story? … Poor old Jane."

[+ video] 'Gaze-Activated Dresses'
When i read the title, i was perplexed by all the possibilities that a gaze-responsive dress could employ: it could change colour, change pattern... or fall off [nudge nudge, wink wink, say no mowar] but no - what it actually does, is move around, a bit, in a manner as unconvincing of enthusiasm as the girls that modelled it. Rather disappointing...

Is that a thirty-foot-long pole i your pocket, Mr Wallenda, or are you... oh, it is just a pole. And you're going to do what with it?!
'Nik Wallenda High-Wire Walks Over the Grand-Canyon!'
My hands are clammy, just having watched him!

Fake Science catch-up!

I think there's a slight misunderstanding of Schr
รถdinger's Cat going on, here :D

How to deal with bad breath:

How to use a microscope:

Relatively rare neurological disorders:

Better than balloon animals!

Let's go for a dip! A guide to public swimming pools:

Ladies and gentlemen - Victor Borge!

If you want to see a musical farce nowadays, the best i can suggest to you are Igudesman and Joo, with their 'A Little Nightmare Music' show

'Victor Borge Hands off! The funniest night at opera you could get'

'Victor Borge corrects a mistake'

'Victor Borge Dance Of The Comedians'
I'm sure that first violinist's Elton John!

'Victor Borge - His Greatest Piano Jokes'

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