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Entertainment stuff from the week 14-20/10/13

Hi moonwalkers,

Here's a quizzle for you, to mull over as you work your way down the page (the answer's at the bottom):

'1 or 2?'

Coincidence of the week:

In the same week that i heard about the Moonwalk Marathon for the first time (a nightime marathon in which women (and men) walk a marathon with their (decorated or not) bra showing, to raise money for breast cancer research) i hear a story about a $10 million bra!

'Candice Swanepoel to Wear Victoria's Secret's $10 Million Royal Fantasy Bra'

The bra comes with a matching belt, and is inlaid with 4200 shiny rocks, including rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires. There's also a 52-carat pear-shaped ruby hanging from the centre, and it's all set in 18-carat gold!

Do you think she'll be wearing it to a Moonwalk?

I think maybe not.....

Well, while we ogle the profligacy of 'Victoria's Secret' the hard times and furloughing of the USA's public sector are over (almost) - and NASA's back to work - now that the 'Tea Party' anti-socialists in the Republican Party have given in.

It really is embarrassing that the USA has such dreadful elements that resist the development of universal healthcare. Then again, the Conservative Party in the UK is trying to end universal healthcare, there! Isn't that unbelievable!?

Anyway, here's Scott Lewis, explaining what was happening at NASA, and what was not, at the time. NASA was worst affected by the furloughing - 97% of staff were temporarily laid-off!!

'NASA Shutdown Update, What's Still Running and What's Not: Space Fan News #116'

Friday 18th October was World Vasectomy Day! That's right, dudes - a day to celebrate deliberate impotency, for those who've really made up their mind :o)

'World Vasectomy Day 2013'

I must say, to everyone with the courage to have the operation - i really admire your spunk... it's so clean :-D

There's a show on UK TV called 'The Gadget Show' and one of their recent polls turned out results for viewers' favourite gadgets of the last 100 years.

Their favourite for 1943 - right in the middle of WWII, remember - was the Slinky.

Surely there were more important things to be inventing, right in the middle of a world war!? Why pick that one?

Anyway, let's not get stuck in the past. And on to the Roman Catholic Church.... :-P

This is something accidentally-amusing that i found this week.

'Pope Francis' Controversial Remarks Prompt Vatican 'Damage Control''

"What are these controversial remarks?" you might be wondering. "They must be horribly bigoted to be deemed controversial... for a Pope!"

Well, lets take a look at them...

1) He revealed: that he considered turning down the job

This causes agony in the minds of the pious, because the role is one of supposed divinity and infallibility. What's the Pope-to-be doing, demonstrating doubt, like some kind of Rationalist, who thinks before they act!?!?!?

2) He said that: everyone, not just Catholics, but also atheists, can get to heaven.

Even atheists! You know, those horrible nasty people who eat babies and FORCE the religious to do nasty things despite their will. They, too, could get to the magical fantasy land in the sky that the Christian brand of religion says bigoted people go to when they don't exist anymore!!!!!!

3) He said that: the corrupt bank that the RC Church uses to do all its criminal dealings, and everyone's been saying should be shut down... should be shut down!!

The 'Institute for Religious Works' (very Harry Potterish... who is a warlock and enemy of God, by the way) as the RC Church euphemistically calls this bank, was actually described by Pope Frank as "a story of love". Indeed - a love of dirty money!

4) He said the RC Church should strip itself of wordly wealth and concentrate on preaching

Yes! The head of the multi-billion-dollar organisation that is the world's wealthiest cult, and whom personally preaches from a gold throne, to his millions of impoverished, entithed subjects, has declared that maybe excessive hoarding of wealth is a bad thing. Actually, this is a standard for cult leaders, but usually two-facedly, saying it about everyone else, and not their own business!

5) He said: he lives in the Vatican hotel rather than the Apostolic Palace, because he likes it

So the Apostolic Palace was good enough for all those aged Popes down the centuries, but its draughty corridors and icey-cold floors aren't good enough for you, huh? What do you think the RC Church is - a care home? Get in that palace, suffer the way Mother Theresa would have wanted you to, and like it....

6) He said: miserable old nuns who drain the sunshine out of even the brightest summer days should be less gittish

He actually said they were like "old maids" and "with just a smile they could be flight attendants!". Mother Theresa must be spinning in her grave...

Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said he wanted the sheeple to know the difference between 'a clever quip in a homily, and infallible teaching'. LOL

You'll notice, however, that these 'controversial' remarks did not spark vicious fury because they were bigoted, but because they were actually relatively sensible! I say 'relatively', of course. We shouldn't expect the sincerely deluded to start genuinely leading society, the way they claim to. These remarks seem exceptional, amidst the context of general bigotry that made him a cardinal, and a viable option for Pope, in the eyes of other cardinals.

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'A Quick Thank-You'
Richard Wiseman's Quirkology channel has reached 1,000,000 subscribers! This is a special, celebratory video. P.S. there's more than one trick in it ;-)

'Amazing sunglasses ad...' via Richard Wiseman

Aaah - copper compounds are beautiful :)
'Chevruel's Salt'

I don't think i've ever shared a video from EmuleNews in Entertainment before, but there's some weirdly beautiful physics in this video. Plus, it gets kinda funky at the end :)
'Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field'

'Have you heard...Loons?'
One of the cats that i live with, was quite perturbed by the red-throated loon. I wonder why... :-P

I hate remixes! But this one just makes me laugh. Good job, Mr Swingrowers, if that really is your name :-D
'Caro Emerald - One Day (Swingrowers Remix)'


'Titan's Chemical Cocktail'
"Is there life on Titaaaaaan?"

More science that's just awesome:

'Drones create 3D model of Matterhorn mountain'

This is what drones are best used for - not for war and sinister oppression.

'Natural Histories: Scientific Illustration on Display'
How do you draw exactly the right number of spines along a pufferfish's body? That's incredible!

'George brandis the All Bran of the Federal Government'

Classic conservatism. It always reminds of this quote from Yes Minister - Sir Humphrey Appleby: "...Many, many things must be done... but nothing must be done for the first time" So much to do... but nothing must be changed :D

'Tony Abbott's Indonesian offence'
I really don't understand why people do this. If you don't want to be harrassed by experiencing something new... stay at home!

'How Your Local News Is Made. (Very Disconcerting Video)'
The weird thing is that the majority of channels really do see 'News' as entertainment. And yet they're so lip-curlingly unoriginal! At least try to work out your own jokes, people!

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: busat -- the Sami word for a reindeer with a single, very large testicle

Etymology Of The Week: racket (meaning 'scam') -- from 'racquet' - the sporting equipment - suggesting a game, and the idea of 'playing' people

Quote Of The Week: "The claim of alternative practitioners to not treat disease labels but the whole patient...allows alternative practitioners to live in a fool’s paradise of quackery where they believe themselves to be protected from any challenges and demands for evidence." - Edzard Ernst

Fact Of The Week: Elephants, dogs and goats all take 21 seconds to empty full bladders. A law of mathematics seem to govern the time it takes for large mammals to urinate

Acronym Of The Week: TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) If you're really nerdy, you'll have noticed that TCGA are the four bases of DNA - thymine, cytosine, guanine, and adenine - how nerdy a name is that! I heard about this on the Naked Genetics podcast (13/10/14), from the Naked Scientists

Gene Of The Week: Lonely Heart (the Naked Scientists' Gene Of The Month) Lonely Heart is a fruit fly gene that’s involved, as you might have guessed, in building their tiny hearts. Loss of the gene leads to heart damage and eventually, as the scientists called it: "a broken heart"... no they didn't... they actually called it “abolishment of heart function”. Very romantic :-D

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

Who wants to see a 4-year-old banana? It's not quite how you think :-P
'Just Add Water 03 - Water in our Food'

For the full lecture:

'Penguins invade the London Underground'
Believe it or not, these are football fans. Apparently, Hartlepool FC fans dress up for the last game of the season. This year, the theme was penguins!

'The Amazing Dances of the Jumping Spiders'

'The Amazing Dances of the Coastal Peacock Spider'
And another spider video:

'Underpass Illusion. Newburgh NY'

‘Urban intervention’ by Fra Biancoshock

Awww.... a sleeping bear :o)

'Sitting pretty: Climber installs lounge seat 350ft up cliff face in Utah'
Aa-aa-ah This is scary!

'How about coffee?'
Yeah - i don't think i'd want her to serve me coffee, either :-D

How about a cappucino?
{Watch for at least 5 minutes ;-) }

Queen's just uploaded a tonne of old videos, to YouTube... ALL IN ONE GO :D

These are my 'best of' - there are many more...

'A Winter's Tale (Final Version, promo video, 1995)'

'Teo Torriatte (2005 Video)'

'Calling All Girls (promo video, 1982)'
Weird video :D

'One Vision (Extended Version)'

'Heaven For Everyone (promo video, 1995)'

'Queen & Elton John - The Show Must Go On (Live, 1997)'

'No One But You (Only The Good Die Young) 1997'

'I'm Going Slightly Mad (promo video, 1991)'

'Who Wants To Live Forever (by Ian Meeson & Belinda Gillet) 1989'
Hauntingly melancholic

'Headlong (promo video, 1991)'

And the answer to the quizzle: the arrow will move toward '2'


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