Monday, 7 October 2013

Entertainment stuff from the week 30/9 - 6/10/13

Hi, haters...?

The Daily Maul has behaved utterly uncharacteristically, recently, by laying in to someone!

Apparently, the current Labour Party leader's dad was a socialist... and a foreigner [Dun-dun-durrrr]

This, according to the Daily Fail, means he "HATED BRITAIN"

If you'd like to read a longer-than-i-was-hoping-for explanation of the situation, go here. Otherwise, go straight on to...

There's a new campaign in Oz, to encourage people to look after their backs (literally, i mean), and Stefan Sojka's done a song for it :-D

'Mind Your Back - Single Version'

Remember - you won't have to get your back seen to, by either a chiro-quack-tor or a real doctor who actually knows what they're doing - if you don't have the accident in the first place!

"So mind your back,
One stupid moment and your spine could crack,
And you may never get the feeling back,
And your limbs are going to go real slack,
You can wind up in a wheelchair, yeah yeah,
So be aware, and take care,
And mind your back"


Ah, Newsthump...

'No-one should get something for nothing, claims man who got everything for nothing'

'Cameron and Clegg ‘perfect couple’ for Mars Mission, insists everyone'
I want a referendum! Let's make it official :D

'IKEA sofa found to contain traces of rocking horse'
{Here's the context, if you don't know it}

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Mitch Benn - You Hate Britain (The Now Show, 4th October 2013)' (my upload)

'Richard Saunders - Skeptic's Horoscope (September 2013)' (my upload)

'Homer Simpson vs Pierre de Fermat - Numberphile'

Two recipes in two weeks!? Greg's Kitchen might to have to become a regular slot! :D

'I Believe In A Thing Called Love (turkey version)'
Hahahaha.... sometimes it's the simple things, eh :D

'NEW! - 10 amazing bets you will always win (9)'
Waheey - they're now numbered!

'Can you figure this out?' via Richard Wiseman

'Amazing Perspective Illusion'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word of The Week: vituperation -- bitter and abusive language

Etymology Of The Week: livid -- meaning 'a bluish leaden colour' - the colour people might go when they're furiously angry

Quote Of The Week: "you don't know you're wearing a leash if you sit by the peg all day" - Michael Parenti

Fact Of The Week: Weddell Seals have the largest proportional brain size at birth of any known mammal. This is because, like zebras and wildebeest on the plains, they are born into hostile environments and must quickly learn self-sufficiency

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Anarchy in the UK Ballad' - Stefan Sojka

Stefan Sojka's wonderful parodies of the I-SCAM industry (Integrative - Supplementary, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine)

'Medicins sans medicine'
(Medicine without medicine)

'Life Wire'

'Eat Less'


'1-2-3 Gutflush'

"You can never get the weight off without the secrets that will be revealed to you in this miracle weight-loss academy programme. Sign up to 'Eat Less and Exercise More' and start losing weight today!"


'Ilusiones ópticas'A compilation of fantastic optical illusions, by Cibertimanios

'Not Your Kiddie’s Sandcastles'

'History Of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics'

'Modern Art'
In a world where artists have forgotten that it’s the content of their work that makes it interesting, we should expect their ‘masterpieces’ to lose out to ventilation systems :-D

'Unlikely #62'

'Shots Of Water'
{^ Punning title ^ Did you notice? :-P }

Some more sounds to share with you. These birds really are incredible :D

'Through the Lens: Birds of Australia's Northern Territory'

'Through the Lens: Eastern Screech-Owl Camouflage'

'Voices: Barred Owl'

'Voices: American Bittern'

'Real Angry Birds: Sharp-tailed Grouse Battle'

'Voices: Ruffed Grouse'

'Voices: Semipalmated Sandpiper'

'Birding by Ear: Northern Cardinal Song'

'Voices: Magnificent Frigatebird'

'Voices: White-rumped Sandpiper'

'Voices: Willow Ptarmigan'

'King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise'

'Greater Bird-of-Paradise'

'Western Parotia'
This one looks set for Bollywood :)

'Magnificent Riflebird'

'Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise'

'Lesser Bird-of-Paradise'

I'm not done with Cornell's ornithology, so expect more birdies, next issue :-)

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