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Entertainment stuff from the week 7-13/10/13

Hi, alcies!

A foreword heads-up (not a rant) -- this is for anyone who can get sick -- so that's definitely you!

I have received this e-mail, from the AllTrials campaign to get pharmaceutical companies to release all of the data they've ever accrued, so that epidemiologists can get a fair and uncorrupted view of which drugs do what and to whom.

The AllTrials campaign is supported and conducted by medical doctors (principally Ben Goldacre) and scientific, medical organisations - it is not a libertarian/green/political front group - so these guys are really serious!


The head of Europe's pharmaceutical industry body has threatened "a series of lawsuits" if the EU's medicines body goes ahead with its great plans to publish more of the clinical trial information it holds. The European Medicines Agency plans to proactively publish the Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) companies submit to it when they apply for a license. Researchers at Germany's medicines licensing body this week showed that these CSRs contain vital information about drug effectiveness and safety and that regulators and doctors need that information to make decisions about treatments.

The industry body thinks they can delay or stop the release of this information with lawsuits. We need your help to expand the AllTrials campaign and make sure the attempts to kick this into the long grass don't work.

Here are 5 things you can do this week to make the AllTrials campaign bigger and better:

1. Get 10 people to sign the petition on If you haven't Tweeted, blogged and told all your friends and colleagues to sign please do that now.
2. Donate to the campaign - we need to expand our global reach. One way to do this is a really good campaign video capturing the voices of many of our supporters. Please help us produce that.
3. Ask your organisation to join the campaign. 400+ have already - is your professional body and its international association among them?
4. Add our powerpoint slides to any presentations you're giving or to your conference background slide.
5. Add our AllTrials web button. We have made banners and buttons in standard sizes."


And, of course, you could always mention the campaign on your Facebook, twitter, YT-channel, or even blog..... ;-)

Apparently, the UK's being taken over by an army of 300 drunk under-12s!

I know what you're thinking:

"300 drunk under-12s? Let me at 'em! Sounds like fun"

As you might expect, this is yet another example of shit journalism, mindlessly claiming pseudostatistics for the sake of an attractive headline.

'MoreOrLess: Underage drinking 04 Oct 13'

Incidentally, under-age drinking in the UK has gone firmly down over the last decade.

Sorry, newspaper readers.

...oh, and the sky isn't falling in, either :-P

Second, the USA's still being held to ransom by obstreperous Republicans who want their way, whatever that means for the country.

Very patriotic! <s>

Jon Stewart seems to have this covered:

Thirdly, Doctor Who's taken a change of tack, of late.

I noticed the last Matt Smith episode's already been advertised on the Beeb... and they haven't even started cranking Winterval up, yet!

And lastly and most importantly -- Peter Higgs and Fran├žois Englert have won the Nobel Prize for Physics!

It usually takes ages for Science prizes to be awarded, because the developments have to show impact in order to persuade the panel.

That's why he didn't get it, last time around. But clearly, the discovery's made enough impact that he deserves it already :)

That goddamn particle's done him goddamn proud :D

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

Have you heard of... twogging?

Now here's a tennis troke you won't see played much :o)*/Tennis/Media/Videos/Uploaded/2013/10/7/Shanghai-2013-Monday-Hot-Shot-Giraldo.aspx

Watch the Nadal versus Del Potro highlights (the second half) - obscenely good tennis!*/Tennis/Media/Videos/Uploaded/2013/10/12/Shanghai-2013-Saturday-Highlights.aspx

'Imilac meteorite from London's Natural History Museum'
If you haven't seen a pallasite meteorite before... prepare to be amazed!

'Lovely perspective illusion...' via Richard Wiseman

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: suborn -- to bribe someone, monetarily or otherwise, to break a legal law

Etymology Of The Week: predate -- a back-formation from the noun 'predator' which itself derives from the latin verb 'praedari' menaing 'to rob'

Bird Of The Week: Definitely the King-Of-Saxony Bird-Of-Paradise!

Quote Of The Week: "I have three kids and no money! Why can't i have no kids and three money?" - Homer Simpson

Acronym Of The Week: MDR -- 'mort de rire' meaning 'death by laughter' - the french equivalent of 'LOL'

Anagrams Of The Week: Republican Senate --- incapable tenures - cabals repine tune - banal epicentre US; and the non-ironic ones: bacteria peel nuns - cannabis eel erupt

{Doesn't that sound like a mantra from a Japanese show :D "CANNABIS EEL, ERUPT!!!!"}

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Evolution of Dance - By Judson Laipply'
I hadn't seen this before. It looks like i was the only one :-D

A paper lamborghini?
'Paper Lamborghini'
Oh yeah. Plus a timelapse video of them making it.

'Migaloo - The Albino Whale'

And here's a chimp...

How to cook. Step one:

Life's fun, down under :o)

This is how the police roll:
{I don't think this is impressing anyone, grandad :D }

"How did you get here?" "Oh - BDSM..."

Physics porn. Yes!


'When panorama shots go terribly wrong'

"Trust me. I'm an architect"

I can take the ouch away!

More of Cornell's ornithological videos, from New Guinea, where the birds are less birdlike, and more like transformers:

'Shape Shifting: and the Birds-of-Paradise'

'Black Sicklebill: The Thin Blue Line'

'Superb Bird-of-Paradise: Psychedelic Smiley Face'

'Parotia: Ballerina Dance'

'King-of-Saxony: Otherworldly Calls'
{This is the 'Bird Of The Week'}

'Curl-crested Manucode: Unusual Anatomy'

'Feathers: and the Birds-of-Paradise'

'Gunnison Sage-Grouse'

An audio quiz. You'll see the answers to which animals make these, at the end of each video:

'WILDaudio: Troubadouring Under the Ice'

'WILDaudio: Stemming the Vibe'

'WILDaudio: Drumming for a Date'

'WILDaudio: Trumpeting in Despair'

I got the first and last right. How did you do?

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