Monday, 27 August 2012

Entertainment stuff from the week 20-26/8/12

Red Dwarf X teaser: 'Kryten and the Cat in sync'

| For the Dwarfers:
| We have the names of the episodes, too:
|  Trojan -- Fathers And Suns -- Lemons -- Entangled -- Dear Dave -- The Beginning
| And onset pics:
| The new series might... *might*... be first airing on the 4th October:

'Rolling In The Higgs' (parody of 'Rolling In The Deep' by Adele)

'Israeli biblical park outfits donkeys with Wi-Fi'
A theme park intended to immerse tourists within the heady biblical atmosphere of ancient pre-Israel has fitted its donkeys with Wi-Fi :-/
"Scherr visited the park with his wife and children, all dressed in traditional garb. The family could easily have been mistaken for shepherds from a bygone age — were it not for their Camelbacks, iPads and smartphones."
Well, you'd have to be a bonkers-nut-job to want to go there, anyway. Who'd notice the ass-ininity (get it?) of a stone age donkey with a sun roof, games console, and power steering?

Pareidolic fingers on Mars:

Best pareidolia ever?

"A Finnish teenager has smashed the world record -- and probably his phone -- in this year's annual mobile-phone throwing contest in Finland."
""There will be no doping tests," organisers said on their English website."
'tis true:

Justin Hawkins interview:
And Justin's new hand - with Queen all over it!

Official album sampler for the special edition 'Barcelona' album, out on 3rd September (samples all tracks)

Superstition Of The Week: Spatilomancy -- divination by prodding around in horse shit

Not to be confused with splatomancy:

Film Quote Of The Week: "Gentlemen -- you can't fight in here -- this is the War Room!" - Dr. Strangelove

Weird Word Of The Week: Head Cheese.

Not to be confused with smegma!

'And "Misleading Y-axis Of The Year" goes to... Fox News!'
LOL - it ranges from 34 to 42%, deliberately to inflate the perceived difference between "NOW" and "Jan. 1, 2013"

Rock Against Repatriation (with Brian May) - Sailing (Instrumental Version)

Problem, Einstein xD

Michael Legge gives a talk to the Edinburgh Fringe, about 'psychic' charlatan Joe power, and how embarrassingly crap he is. Very funny. Slightly sweary, LOL

Try one of these -- if you dare!

Funny pics (from Lizzy the lezzy's Facebook feed):

"Our muffins are moist and sticky, just like Fanny's."


Inspired by Todd Akin's bizarre making-shit-up-like-a-true-politician moment:

'7 of the Craziest Myths About Female Biology of All Time'

The Onion's parody:,29258/?ref=auto

A joke. Gratuitiously nationalistic; but it still made me chuckle:

Frau Merkel arrives at passport control in Athens:
"Nationality?" asks the immigration officer.
.... "German" she replied.
...."No, just here for a few days"...

Buggered-up bathroom builds:

"Get your mind out of the gutter!", they say. But life's so much fun from there...

More funnies, to finish:

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