Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pseudoscience stuff from the week 20-26/8/12

'The Dirty Tricks of Alternative Medicine'
Scary stuff. And, unfortunately, true.

WARNING: As if quackery wasn't dangerous enough, Nelson Homeopathics is putting shards of glass in its shaken-water preparations. Accidentally, of coruse - because they're a bunch of feckless shysters who don't care about the health of their exploitees.
'FDA Raises Serious Concerns About UK’s Nelsons Homeopathics'
"Will Boots and Holland & Barrett remove these products from Sale?"

WARNING: Do not use Reumofan dietary supplements - they cause bleeding, stroke and death.

More than 500 rhinos could die, this year, if there is no cessation of the fake-medicine horn trade

'Eastern' quackery isn't just a threat to rhinos. Seahorses and all kinds are used in the peddling of pseudo-medicine:
'Peru seizes 16,000 dried seahorses headed to Asia'

Including rare fish. There is no evidence that eating endangered fish is good for your health. It certainly isn't good for theirs.

The 'life by a thousand cuts' brigade have infiltrated MedicalXpress.
The Acu-quack-turists are claiming that stabbing people is effective and cost-effective as a treatment for osteoarthritis.
Their claims are farcical, of course - all of the patients will have received real medicine at the same time.
The only difference is that thousands of pounds will have unnecessarily been handed to a bunch of selfish charlatans.

In case you're unaware, ayurvedic 'medicine' is the Indian branch of superstitious fake medicine.
The ayurvedicists have a particular penchant for poisoning people with lead, so this isn't really news, but it deserves to be mentioned.
'US finds lead poisoning from Ayurvedic medicines'

Those psychics are really lovely people, aren't they...
'Blackmail by psychic curse'
"the victim stopped paying and the psychic got mad, calling and threatening to enact more curses. That’s some serious intimidation."
See Michael Legge giving a talk to the Edinburgh Fringe, about 'psychic' charlatan Joe power, and how embarrassingly crap he is. Very funny. Slightly sweary, LOL

'Green tea extract touted as cancer cure'
'In vivo' and 'in vitro' have separate meanings - 'in vivo' means 'in a living organism', 'in vitro' means 'in glass' (directly from latin), Think of the vitreous humour - the fluid inside the eye - which is like glass.
That something kills cancer cells in a glass dish does not mean it will work in real people. Soapy water kills pathogens, but you mustn't drink it, or you'll die yourself!
Drinking green tea will not cure you of cancer -- watch out for claims that it can!

'Warning: Gems and vitamins are not viable health treatments. Stop claiming it is.'
"Dear Iowa Board of Medicine: Thank you.
People making health claims about their services really get on my nerves. If you are not qualified to claim that you can treat people for illness, it’s a travesty to say that you can. When you can prove gems heal people, then come back and try for legitimacy. I won’t hold my breath."

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