Monday, 20 August 2012

Religion stuff from the week 13-19/8/12

'The awful consequences of misplaced hope for a miracle cure'
While poo-pooing the contributions of Science - their only *real* saviour - they sit around, waiting for a miracle to happen. How many people must die in agony, this way?

'In defence of Pussy Riot & rebuke to religious apologists' - skyzthelimi7
Religious bigotry has led to the *imprisonment* of people who dared to say "no" to dogmatism in Russia. And no - Russia is not full of 'commie athiests' - it has been imbued with Religion for as long as European countries have.
Pussy Riot is just a musical group, who will now spend *two years* in prison, for the fake crime of "disrespect for Religion", purely because of Religious barbarism.
Religion is not a hyypothetical problem -- skythelimi7 talks about *why* people fight Religion.
Yekaterina Samutsevich's Closing Statement at the Pussy Riot Trial

After Ramadan, many Islamists 'pork themselves', inevitably resulting in aggrevation of cardiovascular conditions.
"After a month depriving themselves of food, they consume all fatty dishes in unusually huge portions to the point that their blood sugar levels go haywire, their cholesterol level rises and they put on weight," [Martalena Purba] told AFP, adding that she usually has a 40 percent rise in clients after the holidays."

A Myanmar blogger has suffered relational aggression for daring to breach the cultural dogma of the Rakhine - a Buddhist sect that is the majority in the country - about the Rohinya, an Islamist sect, largely consisting of migrants.
Violence between the groups has already caused 80 deaths, and the blogger warned that without a cessation of the sectarianism, "genocide" could follow.

Nepalese government has banned women under 30 from working in the Middle East because of reports of sexual abuse and exploitation.
"Most Nepalese migrant workers are thought to be working in India, but up to 70,000 are working in Gulf countries, lured by better wages which they can send home to their families."
"Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that banning young women from working in the Gulf was not the solution to the problem and the government should instead find a way to make it safe for women to travel abroad to work."

Islamic group(s) in Kashmir, Pakistan, have threatened women with acid attacks for using mobile phones without covering their heads and faces.
"Acid attacks are widespread across the border in Pakistan and many fear that the warnings are a sign that the practice could become more prevalent in Kashmir."
No comment necessary. This is shocking enough, on its own.

Crackpot Christians in Switzerland have attempted to stop glacial melt by... prayer.
That doesn't seem so wacky when you realise that Christians meet up every weekend to harrass Yahweh/Jesus/The Holy Spook for stuff they want. Why not for glaciers to stop melting, too?

The UK government has launched an 'action plan' to prevent witchcraft-based abuse of children, which is always done by the Religious. It is a meme derived from African culture, merging indigenous superstitions with Christian superstition.
Let's hope this plan actual follows through into attempts to prevent it from happening, rather than just looking after kids when it's already happened. I suspect it won't, because that would require recognition that Religious superstition is the problem.

'Students of Missouri: You have the right to remain ignorant'
Stupid laws -- procured from stupid beliefs -- what superstition is made of.

Voluntary aided cult schools get to appoint culty governors, employ culty teachers, and administer indoctrination to the pupils, but will receive all their funding for so-doing from the State!
"BHA Faith Schools Campaigner Richy Thompson commented, ‘Ultimately, the BHA does not want to see any state-funded school being religious. If “faith” schools are ultimately to be absorbed into the mainstream school system, then religious groups should not be expected to fund them. However, in light of this change, it is difficult to see how the vast levels of religious discrimination currently permitted in Voluntary Aided schools can continue to be justified – especially given the historical explanation. It is surely now time for Voluntary Aided schools and Academies to have their rights curtailed, in admissions, employment and Religious Education.’"

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