Monday, 21 January 2013

Entertainment stuff from the week 14-20/1/13

Hi guys,

I just discovered that i was Time magazine's Person of the Year in 2006.

How did i miss it, i wonder!

Well, actually, everyone in the entire world won Time magazine's Person of the Year Award,9171,1570810,00.html

For this reason, i shan't be adding it to my CV :D

This is what i'm waiting for, from badteeth: Cassetteboy v. David Cameron
Moar! {please}

Here's an odd something i found, this week:

The Saunders triplets are accredited as playing the young Harry potter (young-er) in The Philosopher's Stone.

Because triplets at their age are so difficult to distinguish between, they are all accredited - no-one will really know which did which scenes.

Well, so far so interesting, but here's a twist:

One of those three is a girl!

So, in the film, we might be looking at a female Harry Potter, in some scenes :D

Incidentally, i'm not a Potterite (an HP obsessive - and i don't mean the sauce). I just happened to find a picture which made an erroneous claim, so i investigated it, and, surprise surprise, there was a superior truth to be found :)

This is the erroneous claim, btw:
(Albus Severus was played by Arthur Bowen - who was never a HP)

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

An outline of some of the exciting new changes coming to YouTube in February ;-)

Richard Wiseman's been sent some cracking stuff, this week:

'Best bookshop arrangement ever?'

'Can you figure out these photographs?'

'Great drive-through prank'
This is so well done! I love the reactions of the staff - especially the guy who doesn't trust his memory, so looks away and back, away and back, away and back :D

The Darkness - Love On The Rocks With No Ice - live in Atlanta, 12th Jan 2013 (that's the long one with the solos, the crowdsurfing, the call-and-response and all that shatizzle)
Thank you so much, Tenacious Debby!!!
(she has more, on her channel)

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: impecunious -- having little or no money

Expression Of The Week: "mirabile dictu" -- something wonderful to tell

Etymology Of The Week: odometer -- through french, from greek "the way"

Quote Of The Week: "In hotel rooms I worry. I can't be the only guy who sits on the furniture naked" - Jonathan Katz

Fact Of The Week: Humans have stripes

Joke Of The Week: What do you call a dessert that throws itself off cookers? Answer: A lemming meringue pie

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Jesus, Where Have You Been?'
An imaginary conversation (well, duh!) with Jesus, having come back... again:

I presume this work's called 'The Son Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle'

'Gorilla Sales Skyrocket After Latest Gorilla Attack'
The Onion's satire piece on the recent serial killing in Connecticut.
"A spokesperson for the powerful yet controversial national gorilla lobby told reporters that a ban on gorillas would not end incidents such as that in San Diego, as those who want the large primates could simply buy them from illegal dealers who smuggle them into the country from the jungles of sub-Saharan Africa.
Many gorilla owners also told sources that the creatures are primarily used for legal hunting purposes and that the overwhelming majority of gorilla enthusiasts are completely responsible with their apes.",30860/

Oh great - now i'm even more scared of driving :-/
'Top crashes of 2012'
The last one's funny though. I can imagine Mr. T saying "you're supposed to drive the car the other way up, fool"

Your waffly wedded wife seems quite giggly. She must be nervous, LOL

'The Impotence of Proofreading'
I'm pretty sure i've heard this before, but hey, let's hear it again...

'Sunita Williams of NASA provides a tour of the ISS orbital laboratory'

Rearranged supermarket herbs get dirty :D
(via Lizzy)

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