Monday, 14 January 2013

Entertainment stuff from the week 7-13/1/13

G'day, folks

Some have said 2013's going to be a dull year, what with the Olympics having gone, and the apocalypse too...

But frankly, that turned out to be a damp squib, anyway... although we're sure to have more, LOL

If there's one thing we know about homo sapiens, it's that they will always be promising each other total annihalation in the ill-defined and vaguely-stated future, and then the excused-with-similar-facetiousness and later-covered-up-and-forgotten past.

It's been a good week for TV, though.

I say that as someone who strives to not watch it, due to the immense amount of fatuous-but-frustratingly-satisfying crap that it exhibits.

I refer to Stargazing LIVE, which was on the Beeb, this week:

Episode 1
E1 (extra chat)
Episode 2
E2 (extra chat)
Episode 3
E3 (extra chat)

Go here to help explore the surface of Mars (mentioned in the program)

On the undercover, embarrassing-film-versions exposé front, i've been risking my neck to bring you these --  cut-back versions of films that had the fortune to be made properly:

The Cruel Sea was almost made as The Tetchy Sink

The Deerhunter was once due to be cut back to The Mousetrap

Around The World In 80 Days almost got rendered as Around The Block In 5 Minutes

Far From The Madding Crowd had the good fortune to be upgraded from Far From That Rather Annoying Couple

12 Angry Men started out as Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
I didn't find out whether it was the brides' or the brothers' characters who became the angry men :P

Forrest Gump almost got logged back into a Sapling Stump

Double Indemnity almost got halved to Single Indemnity

And A Clockwork Orange was born from Forbidden Fruit

Did you know that (according to the British Book Of Lists) the most popular fancy-dress costumes are of Superman, Henry VIII, Batman, and a sea monster?

I know, right -- who, in their right mind, dresses up as Superman?!?!?

Also; do you know the connection between Tutenkhamun, Dolly Parton, Yuri Gagarin, James Madison, and Queen Victoria?

The answer: they were all under 5 foot 6 inches

Surely apart from Dolly Parton? She's still alive!?

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

A member of the EDL (English Defence League - a xenophobic, English nationalist organisation) has been arrested for illegally migrating into the USA!
Hahahahaha - a member of a staunchly anti-illegal-migration organisation has been arrested for illegal migration :D :D

Bobby Llew advertising his latest book - 'News from the Squares'
"yes - it's science-fiction" :)
Looks like an idyll, to me...

An explanation of what the badteeth channel's going to be about. I like the sound of regular swedemason and cassetteboy videos. The rest? Not so sizzling...

Lots of pictures of space, on my Tumblr!

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: codswallop -- meaning 'nonsense'

Quote Of The Week: “The most meticulous regulation of nonsense must still result in nonsense.” - Edzard Ernst, speaking of homeopaths' claims that regulated (and publicly funded) shaken water would be safer
[Nudge nudge] New mini-essay

Expression Of The Week: "get my goat" -- annoy

Etymology Of The Week: hoity-toity -- posh/boisterous

Anagram Of The Week: Kate Middleton -- Naked Tit Model

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

Want to get so confused that your brains start to melt out of your ears? Watch this:
'Holland vs the Netherlands'

Strangely entertaining :o)
'Amazing CCTV footage' - a kind of illusion, from a static camera on a rolling boat

Now this is a proper illusion!
'Man with non-existent beard…'

Haha - yet another flying car! But where, pray tell, does one put the children and the luggage? :D

In Queensland, August now has 24 days. Something to do with budget cuts, apparently...

What part of "....." do you not understand? #physicsnerd

The story of a jailbreak kitty who refuses to talk:

Terrible pun... absolutely terrible :D

What's your new year's resolution?

"i wanna get a dog, and call her "Naked" - so i can tell people i have to go walk naked round the block! hehe" - Lizzy The lezzy

Good manners can make all the difference :D

Mouthwatering muff now £1. I'll buy!!! 

"Wanna play trains? U sit on my face and Ill chew chew chew" - Anthony Garry Gregory on Facebook :D

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