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Entertainment stuff from the week 15-21/4/13

Hi, Emeralds

Guess who i discovered, this week... Caro Emerald.

I found her on this program, which is no longer available... sorry., no, no - it's here, too :-D

^ Proof that Tapejara Blog's written in real-time :-P

Her Wiki page is covered in the fact that her debut album knocked Jacko's 'Thriller' of the Netherlands' #1 spot for time at #1!

Although she's been semi-famous since 2010, i've caught her just in time to nudge you at her new, second album 'The Shocking Miss Emerald' which will be available in May.

Caro Emerald and her band play in a style she calls 'jazzpop' - derived from 30s/40s/50s Jazz.

It's not a style i own much music in (none at all), but i'm finding it highly endearing :-)

Some songs from the new album:

'Caro Emerald, Tangled Up - BBC Radio 2 In Concert'

Completely - Royal Albert Hall 2013

I Belong To You - Royal Albert Hall 2013

My favourite, from the BBC gig, that caught my ear and kept me listening is 'I Belong To You'. It's a passionate song (i like them like that - no drippy stuff) and certainly sounds the Shirley Bassey tribute that she introduced it as. If you can't see the BBC material (and i know many can't) i'm afraid this is the best video i've found. You'll have to buy it to get a better recording :-P

'Caro Emerald "I Belong To You" at the Royal Albert Hall'

Or you can listen to this quality audio version:

Other songs:

'Back It Up' (Maida Vale session)

'Stuck' (Maida Vale session)

'Caro Emerald - Dream a little dream of me'

Riviera Life's such a wonderful song :-)

'Caro Emerald - Riviera Life (Royal Albert Hall)'

Or you can listen to this quality audio version:

'Caro Emerald - Dr Wanna Do (Royal Albert Hall)'

'Caro Emerald sings That Man live On Strictly Come Dancing'

'Caro Emerald - Bad Romance (Live @ HMH)'

P.S. Did anyone notice the word "B00BS" in the amazon link? ;-)

I've also been working through Nurd Rage's videos, on YouTube.

I've picked out some of my favourites and linked them in the non-contemporary section, further down the page...

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Cassetteboy Reviews: Paul Hollywood's Bread // Bad Teeth'
{Positively disgusting :-D }

'God's special sauce'
Gordon Ramsay lays the smackdown on a guy who's sauce is made by "a higher power" :-D

'The Checkout - Episode 5'

'Optical illusion for those on a diet' via Richard Wiseman
Oh boy - this one's good :-D

'Paint Exploding at 15,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys'

'17 problems you haven't had since the 90s'

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Un-quotes Of The Week:

Lady Godiva: "I'm not going out there without a haircut - a short back and sides'll do"

The Boy Who Cried Wolf: "Sheep!"

The Procrastination Society: "Right - let's get a move on..."

Word Of The Week: exonym -- a proper noun used by people outside a group, instead of that group's own terminology e.g. "Londres" (french) instead of "London", which is the English endonym

Expression Of The Week: "tan da bing" -- chinese slang for 'urban sprawl', which translates as "spreading pancake"

Etymology Of The Week: rubbernecking -- gawping at something; an allusion to tourists, who crane their necks, as if made of rubber, in order to 'see the sights'

Quote Of The Week: "Never order soup in an open-air restaurant, because if it starts to rain, you'll never finish it" - Victor Lewis-Smith

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'At the gym: who is looking at whom?'

Let's go for a drive on the moon...

Full moon silhouettes. Achieved by positioning the camera two miles from the silhouetted people, and a few hundred thousand from the moon ;-)

'Namibian Nights' by Squiver

'Laughing Without Smiling'


'Easy Lamb Roast' advert :-)

I >< Schroedinger...

'Painting with LEDs' via Ripley's

What the hell game is this?????

A sample of the quality journalism you can expect from the UK :-D :-D :-D

Funny stuff on Tumblr...

One of the most pointless inventions ever:

Nurd Rage!!!

'Cool Science: Restore Silver with Electrochemistry'

'Make Silver Different Colors by Anodizing'

'Cool Science: Silver Chloride Photochemistry'

'NurdRage Presents: 3 Cool Things of Science'

'How To Make a 100ft Glow Stick!!!'

'Make SMASH-GLOW Crystals!!!'

'BREAK HEARTS with Liquid Nitrogen'

'Make Iron BLEED'

'Gum in Acid'

'Gum in Potassium Chlorate'

'Cockroach Cremation'

Catching up on Fake Science:

'The Science of Body Language'

The ancient Mayans explained:

'Healthy Habits Can Be Fun'

'Using All Your Senses'

'Distribution of Results'

'The Striped Bass'

'Chart The Sky'

'Don’t Daydream'

'Common Map Symbols'

'Sleep Better Now'

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