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Entertainment stuff from the week 22-28/4/13

Hi, Soccererererers

We have learned, this week (as if we didn't already know it) that there are only three sure-fire ways to avoid prosecution for a criminal act:

1 - Be a megalomaniacal despot in an authoritarian country

2 - Be a maniac in an organisation powerful enough to commit criminal acts with impunity e.g. a Church / fossil-fuel company / bank

3 - Be a soccer player

'SUAREZIDENT EVIL - Suarez Bites Ivanovic // Bad Teeth'

Just like cultists don't want to mar the image of their cult by having their glorious leaders prosecuted for crimes, soccerers don't want the image of their 'beautiful game' marred by having their glorious icons prosecuted for crimes.

Despite a criminal act, Suarez has got away with a 10-match ban.

BTW, it *is* soccer. 'Football' refers to pretty-much any game that involves feet and balls, be it 'footy' (aussie rules), 'handegg' (USsie rules), or 'rugger' (Rugby Football).

'Soccer' refers only to one particular type of football - Association Football - the one in which an hour and a half can drift by and not a single point be scored. Statistically, golf is higher paced!

So there :-P

For Skeptical Rationalists around the world, many of us have been long awaiting the revelation of... Operation Solar Flare.

And at last, we have it! Mwahahahahahaha....

Richard Saunders has been teasing us with trailers on the Skeptic Zone podcast feed for weeks, now, and it turns out to be a parody/comedy series. If you keep up with the world of woo, and of skepticism, you'll hear plenty more jokes (and in-jokes) than everyone else ;-)

If you don't, then don't worry, you won't even recognise the voices, but the show'll still be fun :-)

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'SURICATE - Movies vs. Life'
"What is this? A black pixel sir. The resolution is shitty..." :-D
{I love :-D}

'Cassetteboy Reviews: All The British Soaps // Bad Teeth'
{Correction: This is not *all* the British Soaps, but it is representative of them! :-D }

'Mr. Willie - BAM! Wal-Mart greeter remix'

Making fun of George W. Bush (Jr.) still hasn't grown tired...

"Don't Make Fun of the Crippled Boy" by Roy Zimmerman

A little comedy, from the time, on one of my favourite shows:

'Bush Quotes' - I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue (6th June 2005)



'The Checkout - Episode 6' (30 minutes)

'The Darkness - With A Woman (Official Video)'
{I'm sure i've posted this before, but that link's broken now, and this one's new}

The sound of the Big Bang... apparently. I'm glad it's over :-/

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Word Of The Week: emolument -- a salary, fee, or profit from employment or office

Expression Of The Week: "the whole ball of wax" -- one of many expressions that allude to completeness - an entirety. specific origin unknown

Etymology Of The Week: podcast -- pod, from 'iPod' (because originally they would be put on an iPod) + broadcast

Quote Of The Week: "I am so busy i have had to put off the date of my death" - Bertrand Russell (he lived to 97)

{If i don't increase my actually-finishing-work-rate, i'm going to have to put off my own. Maybe i should try the Rimmer method, in 'Only The Good...' (He need the Grim Reaper in his bal... wait a moment!) }

Anagram Of The Week: Virginia Bottomley -- I'm an evil Tory bigot

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'"How To Break Up" Tales Of Mere Existence'

'"A Typical Conversation With My Mom" Tales Of Mere Existence'
Moms, huh? 'Cos sane women don't breed...

'"How I Found Out About Girls " Tales Of Mere Existence'

'"What I Learned From My Gerbils" Tales Of Mere Existence'

'"Corporations are People" The Arena / Tales Of Mere Existence'

'"Voter Apathy" The Arena / Tales Of Mere Existence'

Have a nice trip!

Six political references in The Simpsons, some of which you won't have realised before:
There are also plenty of Maths references, in The Simpsons, too:

'Bagelheads – Japan’s Take on the Klingon Forehead'

Lying in a coffin to make yourself feel better? Riiiight... [backs away slowly]

'Fangweng – China’s Cliff-Hanging Restaurant'

'World’s Bounciest Chair Is Made from 65,000 Rubber Bands'

A rather 'interesting' interview with Bobby Llew, on Aussie TV, in the '90s. The ending does not disappoint :-D

Neon might be beautiful, but carbon's big and black, and that's what hydrogen really wants :o)

'Artificial Frozen Waterfall'

'The Rude Crude Cosmos'
A cock and balls in the martian sand, and the 'finger of god' in the Keyhole Nebula.

'Sperm Vs 4G'

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