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Entertainment stuff from the week 8-14/4/13

Hello, everyone

There's been a refrain ringing out across the world, recently, resurrecting a song from The Wizard Of Oz: "Ding, dong, the witch is dead!". But why?

Because Margaret Thatcher has finally kicked the metaphorical bucket. Apparently, she had advancing dementia - but with conservatives, how can you tell?

For those who don't know who she is: she was the best UK Prime Minister of the 1980s... and the worst.

She's famous for going to war with miners, for taking away children's milk, for war-mongering over a tiny island in the South Atlantic, and inculcating a solipsistic, greed motivated,
├╝ber-capitalistic, anti-social, nationalistic culture that encouraged the libertarian exploitation of the weak by the strong, with sloppy tax laws and frankly-fascistic extents of patriotism, that the residents of the UK are still suffering today. And, inevitably, the rest of the world, through the UK's actions on the 'global stage'.

Plus, homophobia. Double plus, she won't jump :-D

Thatcher's soggy personality is not for turning, and not for jumping, either, apparently. After all, if she made herself seem human, then her minions would think less of her.

...oh, and she said society doesn't exist. There are only lots of individuals. Clearly, her mind was doughy enough to not realise that that's exactly what a society is!

Some have distracted from all the harm she did with 'but she was Britain's first female PM - and the daughter of a grocer - that's got to count for something'.

Well, yes, it has -- no woman, especially a daughter of a grocer will ever become British PM, ever again, for fear that they'll turn out to be like Maggie!

That's how it's counted.

Oh, and on retirement she was made into Baroness Thatcher - so also known as Lady Thatcher - which sounds like a feminine grooming appliance!

But apparently, Atos has still verified her as fit for work!
{Atos is a private healthcare company that has declared thousands of disabled people as fit to work. The irony being that Thatcher exalted privatisation so much}

But let's get this clear: unlike many octogenarians who will die this year, because of her political legacy, she did not die of cold or hunger!

'Frankie Boyle on Thatcher's Funeral'
{This is year's old, but that shows how long we've been waiting - since she became PM, really}

You can read a non-emotionalistic account, here:
"Thatcher is reviled by some not just because she crushed the left, the Labour movement and the post-war social democratic settlement. It is because she did it with such enthusiasm, and showed no regret for the terrible human cost."

Conservatives love her, though. Hero worship is such a pathetic phenomenon, isn't it!

On a lighter note -- The Unbelievable Truth is back!

And another of my uploads to Tumblr has gathered 'a few' (>2000) reblogs. I suppose i ought to show you what all the fuss is about...

------------------------------------------------------ contemporary stuff

'Illusion dance' via Richard Wiseman. This is awesome :-)

'Cassetteboy Reviews: JEREMY KYLE // Bad Teeth'

'Father Ted - ALL the Fecks // Bad Teeth'
Taboos are so weird! How's "fuck" such a horror, for the censors, but getting a group of little kids to shout "feck" fine? Ah well...

'The Checkout - Episode 4'

'Search For The Most Expensive Water| The Checkout'
Australia's most expensive bottled water (the Aussie dollar is currently worth about the same as a US dollar, and sterling is worth 1.5 AU dollars)

------------------------------------------------------ of the weeks

Un-quotes Of The Week:

General Custer: "So, Sitting Bull - fancy a game of darts?"

Florence Nightingale: "Oh i'm so sorry - i actually wrote that i wanted to go to the cinema"

Samuel Morse: "Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep..."

Word Of The Week: rampire -- synonym of rampart / verb for the construction of a rampart

Expression Of The Week: "pissed as a fart" -- one of many British idioms referring to drunkenness

Etymology Of The Week: bodging -- making the most of tools and resources at hand; not to be confused with "botch" which means gettign something utterly wrong

Quote Of The Week: "Nobody goes to that restaurant any more. It's too crowded" - Yogi Berra

------------------------------------------------------ non-contemporary stuff

'Underground Guerrilla Signs..'
Hahaha; these are fantastic. Follow "a link" for more :-D

Did you know that about 1 in 10,000 people are born with their organs flipped around, the other way?
It's a condition called situs inversus (as opposed to situs solitus - the 'normal' way around) and is usually not a problem. In fact, most people who have it won't even notice!

How to pick up girls with your car :-P

This year, thousands of men will die from stubbornness:

Something for the Queeneros - a rare version of Keep Yourself Alive that was laid down on acetate but never recorded properly. It's great quality, though :-)

And something for the Tenniseros - 'Slow motion: Stefan Edberg hits a winner'. I love the slow-motion sounds :-D

Seeing as i found them; have these too:

'HD Highlights: Federer vs Haase'

'Djokovic VS Nadal -- Indian Wells Final 2011 [Highlights HD]'

'Djokovic VS Nadal -- Miami Final 2011 [Highlights HD]'

'Tsonga VS Murray -- Queen's final 2011 [Highlights HD]'

'Nadal VS Djokovic -- US OPEN Final 2011 [Highlights TrueHD]'

'Nadal VS Murray --Tokyo Final 2011 [Highlights]'

'Federer vs Nadal - Indian Wells 2012 (HD Highlights)'

I have to say - there are some sports (Tennis including) for which HD is really great, and others (e.g. football) for which it is pointless.

I've seen some clips on YT that are like a 'spot the ball' competition - impossible!

In contrast, i was looking through some of my old VHS TV-to-tape recordings, from when i was a nipper, recently, and found some clips of football matches. Even in EP (extended play) there was more than enough detail. What an HD waste! Tennis, however - blow it up to full screen, and you're in the game, busting your knees with the best of them :-D

'Lines you wouldn't hear in a Bond movie - Mock the Week'

'Unlikely Things To Read In A Children's Book - Mock The Week'

'Rowan Atkinson - Interview with Elton John'

"It started with a sneeze" - a stage version of a Mr. Bean sketch

A fruity nude beach!

Erotic literature. What do you see, first?

"This guy has very high standards" :-D

'Baby Faces by Landon Meier'

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