Monday, 28 May 2012

Biology stuff from the week 21-27/5/12

86 million-year-old bacterial populations have been discovered, still alive, inside the highly-deoxygenated clay of the pacific ocean

You might think you're good at reading people's feelings, but this computer's got you licked when it comes to reading static images, which humans are no better than chance with!

The Naked Scientists explain - What is a fungus?

The origin of colour vision has been traced back a billion years, to bacteria who were benefited by photonic wavelength identification (seeing in colour). There are species that have more genes than we (who only have three - for red, green, and blue); one species of shrimp has been identified as having twelve.

Spelling words solely with the mind - a brain computer interface.
Bionerd23 uses an electroencephalogram to demonstrate how words can be constructed with eye-movements alone

An interesting side-effect of gastric bypass operations, where part of the duodenum, and most of the stomach are removed, is a reduction in cravings for alcohol!

Research has pinpointed how plants 'know' when to flower, by identifying the confluence of stimuli regarding time of day (circadian rhythm) and time of year (daily photodetection)

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