Sunday, 27 May 2012

Medical stuff from the week 14-20/5/12

Spanish researchers have discovered antibiotics in meat-containing baby food at 0.5 to 25.2 µg/kg, and in milk-containing baby food at 1.2 to 26.2 µg/kg.
These are tiny concentrations, so won't be anything to worry about, but it does indicate the feckless over-use and mis-use of antibiotics by the farming industries.
Farmers use antibiotics to accelerate growth, with the consequence of breeding dangerous diseases in the host animals, such as swine flu.
The baby food itself isn't dangerous, but the mechanism by which they came to have antibiotics in them is!

Brain-controlled arm could beat paralysis. Amazing work!
Whenever i think of work in this area, it reminds me of this scene from Red Dwarf: So funny :D

"More than 5,000 people die each year [in the US] in vehicle crashes caused by distracted driving, many who were texting and talking on cellphones behind the wheel"
Driving is so dangerous, and yet we treat explosive-powered locomotion as if it's the most 'normal' thing in the world. Now tell me you're against GM, nuclear power, and think herbal medicine's worth the chance. Humans' risk-judging skills are a joke!

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