Monday, 28 May 2012

Religion/Superstition stuff from the week 21-27/5/12

[video] Potholer54: How to confuse a creationist -- Homosexuality, Evolution and the Bible

Petition: Save the Gays of the Ukraine from institutionalised homophobia

[video] Thunderf00t: Pakistan blocks Everybody Draw Muhammed Day III

Even i thought there might be something to acupuncture (although only a very small something), but, like all mirages, they disappear as you get a better look.
The devious behaviour of acupuncture pseudo-scientists:

A psychiatrist who did pioneering research into 'curing' homosexuality has apologised for conducting an unreliable study, and presenting the results in a manner unwarranted by the method employed. Basically, he's apologising for bolstering the homophobia that so many people have had to suffer. Good on him :)

Shed Science: What's all the fuss about GM wheat?

The EU food agency rejects a French ban on GM maize, because the claims of their being dangerous are ungrounded

Poking fun at William Lane Craig, in his all-too-common misunderstanding of what 'atheism' means :D

I thought Canadians were better than that, too. My prejudice has been blown wide open!

Yet another theist, making it blatantly clear that they are woefully ignorant of the subject they claim authority in. How can anyone make these claims, unless in ignorance of their inanity??

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