Monday, 28 May 2012

Entertaining stuff from the week 21-27/5/12

"raised by wolves"?

More Impossible Photos -- the funniest kind of illusion :D

[video] Igudesman and Joo: Don't Want No Trouble
Ig and Joo accost a busker by... joining in??

[video] Igudesman and Joo: Noseland: The Move - Trailer
(Featuring Julian Rachlin)

[video] Slash's new album, Apocalyptic Love, is out now, and here's the title track

[video] Armor Games presents Detective Grimoire
This is really fantastic! And made in part by soemone i went to school with.

Okay okay, it's a plug, but do watch the demo video. It's really great....

Airbus is going to 'roll out' some extra-wide aircraft so that they can fit obese people in!

This week's award for 'Funniest Fungus Name'

The top ten most ridiculous movie posters at the Cannes film festival this year

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