Sunday, 27 May 2012

Religion-related stuff from the week 14-20/5/12

"Meeting ‘emotional needs’ of gay couples through civil marriage is a ‘misuse of the state’ "
This guy Sentamu's the favoured candidate for the next Archbishop of Canterbury, remember!

What is it with superstitionists and their horrifically distorted perceptions of reality?? Do they seriously think we won't notice?!?
"I really don’t get it. It’s as if I were to sneer at creationists by calling them scientists, or clobbered seminaries by referring to them as research institutions"

[video] Whose friend is Jesus? He's not a friend of the poor!

How sick does a culture have to be for *children* to denounce *brands* as infidel? And it was only Nestle!!

Study shows Religionists are really good at loving people in the same faction as them, and are really good at hating people in different factions. Well, who knew?!

The Cuntservatives have decided to be hypocritical backsliders one again, by granting the C of E £30 million worth of tax freedom, so they can do up their cult centres in privilege. Oh, the poor persecuted Christians!

Chris Bryant: Tory MP’s response to equal marriage enquiry ‘as cruel as it was offensive’

Church of Ireland Synod: Gay relationships cannot be ‘normative’

Woman jailed for train attack on 16 year old lesbian. 16. 16. 16!! All she did was kiss her girlfriend, and the bitch beat her up for it!!! Sometimes i really wish i were a foot taller, and able to be everywhere at once - i really do!

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