Sunday, 27 May 2012

Entertaining stuff from the week 14-20/5/12

[video] Thai commercial: Bank robbery :D
(Moral of the story -- learn to read!)

Forget Segways - these are even *more* hilarious! :D

[video] I almost don't want to post this because of the horrendous Top 2 - covers of Boh Rhap and Come Together!

"Top Ten Worst Christian Song Covers"

Yep - New Scientist got in my entertainment section!

- 40000 year old porn in France
- News of the nuclear reactor in the basement of Kodak's New York research centre
- Just read the second one again! :D
- The one about taste's pretty mind-bending too, though

[video] 3D-printed guitars dazzle with sound *and* sight!

Yes - it's true - The Darkness are going to tour with Lady GaGa!!

Well, this is slightly weird... :/

London's 2012 Olympic Surveillance mascots.

They'll be watching you!

I know - i thought it was a spoof - but it's real!! :S

From the WTF? aisle....

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