Monday, 28 May 2012

Politics stuff from the week 21-27/5/12

The Queen of Great Britain is a mystery to all members of the public. Which is odd, considering how high-profile she is. She is on all the stamps and coins, after all.
Despite this, we know very little about her - and there's a reason for that - everything she does is secret (sssh!)
We are, quite literally, not allowed to know.
As the Queer's 60th Jubilee approaches, all criticism has been censored, and we still know just about nothing about what she really does all day long.
There is only one reason to suppress information about your career activities - they would be bad for your reputation if people learned of them!

Important petition for all UK residents - keep your private info private - demand parliament keep the electoral role from entities that can not use it for favourable purposes

Official Protesters of the London 2012 Olympic Games
10 reasons you should boycott the Games as they are
"We're not opposed to the sports events, and we're all in favour of having a big party – but only if everyone's invited"

Oh, the Cuntservatives - how they love to victimise the 'underclass'. This time, they've been claiming that there are 120,000 'broken' families, and if we could only expunge them from society, everything would be rosy. Unfortunately, reality's not that simple

"Well played, Daily Mail"
They've got misogyny down to a 'T'

"It is reported that Lady Warsi was claiming £165.50 a night subsistence allowance."
"Hell, I wouldn't mind trying to 'subsist' on *£1158.50 per week*..." - Mark Doran
"Baroness Warsi, co-chairman of the Conservative Party, has admitted failing to declare rental income received for more than a year on a north London flat."
"Add that to the £1158.50, and that's going to be at least two and a half grand extra per week, all straight into the pocket..."

Michael Rosen on the Boris Broadcasting Corporation, and the Conservatives' London voicebox - the E'en Stannit (Evening Standard)

"A former head of security and fraud at Lloyds has been charged over her involvement in a £2.5m false invoicing scam"

Oh, my sides! Accountancy Live reports far too many of these kinds of stories :D

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