Monday, 2 July 2012

Business stuff from the week 25/6 - 1/7/12

[audio] Jonty Bloom explains Barclay's LIBOR rate fixing corruption in 1 minute:

London Olympics on track to be 'most costly Games ever'
Since Sydney 2000, Olympics have been, on average, ~47% over budget. The London Olympics is due to be 101% over budget, by their figure of £8.4bn, but the government figure is £9.3bn...?

News Corp - Rupert Murdoch's company - is rumoured to be splitting. The entertainment branch draws in the vast majority of the profit, but Murdoch will retain his majority shares in both the entertainment and publishing companies.
Imagine a world without Murdoch's companies corrupting the media, with all its propaganda, and contrarian crap! We could actually have a functioning media, that holds its governments to account, like it's supposed to!

Cyber attacks hit global banks for $80 million
"The report from [Guardian Analytics and McAfee] said the attacks tried to steal between $75 million and $2.5 billion (60 million to two billion euros) from at least 60 banks worldwide."

What happens when profit-motivated organisations won't employ you, because they want your wage money for themselves?
Well, if you can move back in with your parents, your prospects will be far less bleak...
'Economist shows the value of moving back with mom and dad'

French police have conducted a search of Microsoft's french offices.
This news comes in the light of disputes regarding the amount of tax Microsoft owes due to its ventures in France.
Microsoft could owe 100,000,000 euros for its French activities - but that's on turnover which is thirty-three times less than its turnover in the UK!
Tax rules are notoriously sloppy in the UK, which is why they suffer the worst corruption in Europe, and the worst market abuse.

A botched software upgrade by UK banks left hundreds of thousands of people unable to access their money.
Ironically, banks have long lauded their 'services' as financial security, but if this kind of thing happened and were prolonged, the paltry amount that people keep in their wallets nowadays would motivate them to riots and looting far quicker than before!

One of the world's problem Tax Havens is throwing its toys out of the pram, amidst the tax evasion topic going around at the moment.
Note to remember: Jersey is one of *many* tax havens that businesses and individuals arbitrarily route their money through, in order to legally avoid paying tax.

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