Monday, 23 July 2012

Politics stuff from the week 16-22/7/12

You've got to suspect something's gone badly wrong in Conservatives' minds, when they're faking Twitter followers, to get attention:
'Revealed: an epidemic of Tories & fake followers'

More dangerous muppetry from the Conservatives:
'Tories plan to sell off NHS blood supplier'
"Coming so soon after the out-sourcing debacle of G4S, it beggars belief the Tories would so easily put the lives of people in private hands."

At least we can't say that the moronics aren't diverse:
'Miliband smacks down Warsi over Miners Gala'

Although they are often trite and feckless:
'No further action against councillor who compared gay marriage with bestiality'

'New study finds fastest-growing cities not the most prosperous'
Growth causes job opportunities, drawing people in -- influx of peoples does not cause growth.

'Why is the government keen not to upset the drinks lobby?'

[video] 'How lobbying (probably) works'

'China produces as much CO2 per person as Europe: report'
Because of its high economic growth rate, China is now equivalent to europe as regards carbon emissions per person. Emissions attributable to the actual people, however, are low - the massive increase is due to industrial growth.

'Drugs & al-Qaeda money laundering rap for HSBC'
"Shockingly lax controls at HSBC are believed to have allowed Mexican drug cartels to launder billions of dollars through its US operations, and helped fund al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, a US Senate committee investigation has found."
"Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate investigations panel, also criticised the federal agency supervising the bank's US operations - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - saying it ‘tolerated’ HSBC’s weak controls against money laundering."

While in the UK, money-laundering regulations are to be relaxed for the lowest risk group, in order to save them millions in unnecessary expense.

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