Sunday, 29 July 2012

Politics stuff from the week 23-29/7/12

If you want to get annoyed about Capitalism, and how it doesn't work, just read this. It'll make your eyes water!
"The global super-rich are hiding as much as $32 trillion (£13.5 trillion) in offshore accounts, according to a report released yesterday by the tax justice network (TJN)."
[eyes watering]

Corruption!!! While cutting support for renewable power supplies, they're ramping up subsidies for the fossil fuel industries which we *need* to dispose of as soon as possible!
'Treasury plans £500m tax relief for North Sea gas'

'British man wins 'Twitter threat' appeal'
The man who joked, on Twitter, that he would blow up Robin Hood Airport if the snow didn't go away, has won his appeal in the High Court.
This whole palaver has happened because our legal system just doesn't acknowledge that humour exists.
His appeal only succeeded because there was no evidence that anyone felt "alarmed" by the Tweet.

'We were wrong to be sceptical about the Leveson inquiry'
"In a perfect coincidence, the Crown Prosecution Service announced its decision to charge some of those arrested over alleged phone hacking on the same day as the Leveson inquiry’s last public hearings."
"Consider the nightmare scenario: that both Brooks and Coulson are found guilty of all they’ve been accused of; is there any possible way that Cameron could remain prime minister when his director of communications was not only involved in the hacking of the voicemail of a missing schoolgirl, but also lied under oath about having no knowledge of phone hacking whatsoever?"

'Osborne dubbed a ‘work experience’ chancellor'
"According to his official biography on the Conservative Party website, Osborne’s short, pre-political work history consisted of nothing more than ‘a short spell as a freelance journalist’ before he joined the Conservative Research Department in 1994."
Maybe if pollies had to be qualified, then we wouldn't have this ridiculous situation!

Jeremy Paxman, as odious as he can be, has whistleblown a practice, in the grossly-inflated BBC management, of paying wages into PSCs (Personal Service Companies) to avoid the paying of tax. HMRC has said it did not approve the practice.

Eire has passed a bill, requiring Political factions to have at least 30% female members, or half their State funding will be withdrawn.
Won't work, at first, obviously - they'll just massage their membership figures, by including cleaning ladies, etc - but how will it work, in the long-term? I don't know! Something to think about...

'Another police force gets it badly wrong on anti-rape advice'
Instead of advising the rapists to jack off at home, instead of *ruining people's lives*, West Mercia Police have put money into a campaign, encouraging women to think that being raped is their own fault.
Tell you what, British Police - why not just advise them to never leave the house, like they do in fucking Saudi Arabia? They can't get raped then!

The Conservatives want to keep the 'best and brightest' so that they can be exploited in the interests of economic growth, yet they also want to get rid of 'johnny foreigner' who denegrates these polluted shores, road-strewn fields, and dark satanic corporations, by his very presence here.
They have to make up their minds - xenophobia or capitalism?

Telehealth - long-distance medicine provision (not actually meeting a doctor) - has been expounded, in the soundbites, as a way to reduce healthcare costs, without negating the effectiveness of medical care, but...
"people who were using Telehealth were far more likely to die, 14.7% in the intervention group compared with 2.9% in the control group"
Telehealth is killing the patients, and that is why GPs are loath to take it on - because they actually care about their patients!
"the evidence is that this has been overhyped beyond all reasonable belief and until you actually sort that out there's no point in starting to say all our troubles would be rescued by technology."

"Sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust has released an inventive new video showing the thoughts about condom use by both gay and straight couples in the final moments before sex.
In slow-motion, the couples attempt to evaluate the risks of unprotected sex while in the throes of passion, while the clip promotes worry-free sex with condoms."

'If unemployed people have it easy, how come they’re so unhappy?'
It might be self-reported and largely subjective, but the message seems pretty consistent:
Unemployed people are less content with their lives, even if 'affluenza' does exist.
The fact is this: unemployed people are rarely unemployed because they don't want to work -- they're unemployed because employers don't want the extra expenditure / they're not qualified / they don't have experience / they're a man/woman / they have a mental illness / etc.

'Syria acknowledges its chemical weapons'

'France plans to save car industry by going green'
Just a reminder, Mr. Hollande -- cars can only be 'green' if they're electric, and charged from gren power sources. Any fossil-powered automobiles must not be counted as 'green'.

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