Monday, 9 July 2012

Sociology stuff from the week 2-8/7/12

'Women less likely to endorse independence in gender-unequal societies'
In cultures of high sexual inequality, women are more likely to have authoritarian beliefs.
This, i believe to be the consequence of self-deception - if you can't do anything about it, then pretend it's the way it ought to be.
The study also found that men tend to be relatively more authoritarian in cultures of lower inequality, presumably because they're trying to self-deceive themselves into thinking they should retain their positions at the top of the hierarchy.
Also, they found that women are no more likely to be authoritarian in collectivist societies, where people culturally group together, for their common good, and therefore have no room for sexist authoritarianism.

''Ambient' bullying gives employees urge to quit'
A study has found that businesses exhibiting high staff turnover rates (high numbers of people leaving) are equally caused by people observing others being bullied as people being bullied themselves.
The researchers have hypothesised that this is due to a feeling of moral indignation, and their resignation is therefore motivated by a willingness to declare discontent with the culture, or just to escape it.

'Bride's new toilet points to social revolution in India'
A woman has won the installation of a proper toilet, after campaigning for one since she moved in with her husband, and discovered, like many millions of indians, that she would have to urinate and defecate in the fields around her home.
This is a more major problem for women, because they are expected to not be seen during daylight hours, and therefore have to hold it in from dawn to dusk!
"Defecating in the open is a major social issue in India, touching on topics including women's rights, health and hygiene, and the clash between traditional and modern lifestyles."
"We gave awards to Priyanka and two other brides who refused to live with their new families due to lack of toilets... We want them to be torchbearers whose example encourages better sanitation."

'Women more likely to defer health care for financial reasons'
Because of financial constraints, women are more likely to forgo medical care, even though they have more chronic conditions, and are more likely to be responsible for others' care.
Private healthcare fails again! If they don't have to pay the excess, then they won't let their and others' health down.

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