Sunday, 1 July 2012

LGBTQI stuff from the week 25/6-1/7/12

I don't often post articles like this, but, not being a lesbian myself, i found this article quite entertaining...
'Effi Mai’s Pink Corner- 5 things I hate about being a Lesbian in the year 2012'

I couldn't resist -- her articles are too much fun...
'How Not To Pull a Woman in 2012'
"If you look straight it’s often hard to get the lesbian message across unless you stamp it on your forehead, have it tattooed on your lips or have it shaved into the side of your head. Maybe mention Lip service or Tegan and Sarah and you’re on to a winner. Brad Pitt or Glee then you’re definitely not."

Gay marriage -- not as new a subject as you probably think.
I have this to say about it:
I dislike marriage, in general - it is not about 'lurve' - it does not represent 'bonds'. I'm not falling for that claptrap.
Marriage is borne of insecurity. It had its earliest utility in newly-sedentary man, who had property to pass on to... someone... 'knowing' who it was going to go to would help 'ease his conscience'.
Marriage exists for the same reason as other cultural restrictions that control women's sexualities - it undermines their autonomy, treating them as vessels for the next generation, to inherit the estates of their fathers.
To this day, marriage exists in insecurity - if you love them, you will stick with them, and if they love you, they will stick with you. The motive for doing marriage is to provide both of you with an obligation to stick around. This does not enhance love - it undermines it.
This is why the fallacy of 'family values' keeps being churned out by the muppets who oppose Gay marriage (see pictures at bottom)
The other reason that i dislike marriage, is that it grants undeserved legal privilege to people, simply because they've signed the right piece of paper.
Straight marriage, as it currently is, does not only subjugate same-sex lovers, who are not allowed to sign that piece of paper, and wish only to be treated as equals. It also subjugates any pair of people who live together, do all the same things as Straight married people (including the lack of sexual intercourse), but do not receive the same legal benefits.
Married couples have an automatic inheritance benefit - the other partner gets the estate, in preference to the treasury.
Married couples get cheaper insurance.
Married couples even get tax credits for being married couples, if the Conservatives get their way!
And the list of privileges goes on...
I support marriages for same-sex couples with one reason only -- they have a much better chance of achieving parity than anybody else subjugated by the marriage system, and it might just be a stepping stone to greater equality.
Go, Gay marriage!
Examples of female sexual control:,0
Support for Gay marriage in Scotland:

'Study examines how parenthood affects gay couples' health, HIV risk'
Just like in heterosexual relationships, homosexual male couples experience less interest in sex when they have children to care for.
However, the respondents in this survey reported that their attitudes to relationship openness did not change.
"For the most part, those who were monogamous before becoming parents said they stayed with that arrangement. Those who had open relationships before having children reported that they kept to that agreement."

Gay Pride is a reactionary politic, just like feminism.
Reactionary politics seem all very well and good, but temporarily, when the problems are stark, and the dehumanisation of your social group is extensive; but it causes problems further down the line.
Gay Pride and Feminism inculcate factionalism, by encouraging people to think of each other as separate populations: you're a man or a woman; you're Queer, or you're Straight. If you're not one, you're the other - which means you're an outsider.
Factionalism causes people to treat each other irrationally because it is irrational itself -- being a man or a women only matters in specific ways  -- being Queer or Straight only matters to whom you have sex with.
Pretending that there is a "Gay community" exacerbates the problems.
I do not want Gay people to feel isolated from the 'normals', and i do not want to feel isolated from them.
Gay Pride enforces stereotypes, encourages factionalism, and makes people who don't fit the stereotypes feel worse - not better!
In an ideal world, there would be no Gay bars - they would all be Gay bars, because a Gay bar is simply a place where someone can openly flirt with people they're attracted to. All public meeting places should be like this.
Internal homophobia:
Lipstick lesbian problems:

'Cyndi Lauper launches project to reduce homelessness among LGBT youth'
"Estimates suggest that in the US, there are between 500,000 and 1.6 million homeless children between the ages of 12 and 17.
Further estimates suggest that a staggering 40% of them identify under the LGBT umbrella, despite the fact that LGBT youth make up only 3-5% of the national youth population."

'Why don’t we hear about forced marriages and gay men?'
"Back in 2010 the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) said there had been a surge in cases where men and boys are being forced into marriage because their families suspect they are gay or bisexual."