Sunday, 29 July 2012

Religion stuff from the week 23-29/7/12

An academic in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Zuhayyan, has said that fighting for Women's Rights is a breach of Women's Rights.
Get thee to an asylum!
"[The] Saudi government would not force its citizens, specifically, parents, to LET their girls participate in the Olympics against their will."
(emphasis added)
“In fact, by doing so, it would be in clear violation of their human rights…"
No it wouldn't.
"Also, complete disregard of culture and tradition is a violation of human rights.”
No, it isn't.
“intentionally and knowingly subjecting the entire Saudi population, particularly these female athletes and their families, to a degrading treatment in front of billions of people around the globe. This is also a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 5.”

'Murders in South Africa linked to Satanist “dangerous prayer”'
It's funny, the way the cultists frame Satanism as tantamount to atheism, when Satan is a Religious deity -- the worshipping of it is just more batshit theism!

Iranian sexual self-loathing is driving them to manipulate Facebook, so that no-one can see anything they classify as porn.
What a waste of effort. Meanwhile, a hoard of real social ills go completely unchallenged.

Catholic Christian opposition to condom use has caused an alarming increase in the Phillipines' struggles with HIV, most notably in their Gay men.
"Lack of public education about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, as well as the shame of living with the disease, also prevent many from acknowledging infections and seeking help, health experts said. They lay a lot of the blame on the powerful Catholic Church, of which 80 percent of the population are followers, for spreading a conservative message they say has led to a lack of understanding and tolerance about condoms."

Cultists in the US have been exploiting the Aurora serial-killings to spout theistical nonsense, despite the viability of the existence of a benevolent deity being entirely negated by the shootings happening *at all*

Superstition across Africa, this time in Nigeria, has been causing locals to persecute each other, for being 'witches'.
This is an activity that was made famous by 'Westerners', most famously in the case of the Salem Witch Trials, but superstitious people are doing this today -- they are systematically personalising blame for social ills, denouncing people, many of them children, as witches, and they are being driven out of their homes.
How do we know as much as we do about these barbaric activities?
The stirring work of Skeptic Leo Igwe, who has been working tirelessly against this superstition, from his home in Nigeria.

Islamic factionalism has led to the Taliban murdering polio vaccinaters (who save thousands of lives from polio, don't forget) because vaccinations are a tool of 'Western' heathenism.
Their reckless moronics caused the banning of vaccination in northern Pakistan, this June.

An infuriatingly not-so-extra-ordinary cult has cropped up in NSW, Australia, featuring a man that clearly thinks the Sun shines out of his arse!
"His followers call him The One. They say he’s the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci. He claims massaging women’s breasts can prevent cancer. And his growing business empire, built on spiritual healing, is being funded in part by Medicare."
In Australia, these movements tend to get shouted out; in the UK, the shouting out gets condemned. Who has the better culture? Hmm...

If you know you can't justify it, just pretend you're not doing it. That's the moral that Grindon Hall Christian School is employing:
'Grindon Hall Christian School denies the overwhelming evidence of its ‘Creation Policy’ as Government tells school it is about to be approved'

Guess what -- the wacko superstitionists who oppose abortion have been making claims contradicted by reality!
Okay, maybe that's not much of a surprise...
'Anti-abortion group makes unevidenced claims around abortion, contraception and vaccinations'
...and yes, the anti-abortionists are crazy cultists, with all its complimentary bigotry:
'Anti-abortion activists say David Cameron will ‘pay’ for same-sex marriage policy'
“His mantra of ‘equality’ totally ignores the nature, history and role of marriage, which is the union of one man and one woman ordered towards the procreation of children.”

The Catholic Church in Scotland has confirmed that it, too, is one of society's last bastions of homophobia:

A theist councillor on Brighton City Council has been the *only* person to vote in favour of the prolongued subjugation of homosexuals, by denying them the benefits that go with marriage.

An interesting twist on theist batshittery:
Studies have shown that 'God always agrees with me', and that counts for non-homophobic, Gay bishops, too.
The Dean of St. Alban's thinks that Yahweh likes equal marriage, despite all the others thinking he/she/it (they haven't decided what God's gonads look like yet) dislikes equal marriage.
There are plenty of good reasons to oppose the subjugation of non-heterosexuals; but "my imaginary ally says..." is not one of them!

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