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Religion stuff from the week 9-15/7/12

QualiaSoup's new video, which is supremely good - standard, for him!

'Woman executed for adultery in Afghanistan sparks protests'
"A man can be seen reading from the Koran, shortly after which the woman is shot from behind several times. As the woman, who is said to have been 22 and called Najiba, lies dead on the ground, the camera pans to a large group of men who cheer and shout “long live Mujahideen”.
The murder has provoked wide-spread condemnation from within Afghanistan, and the international community."
Women are frequently executed, by various methods, most symbolically stoning, for 'adultery'. Execution for bonking someone else? That alone is wrong. But the fact is - most of these women will not have been willing - many will have been raped, and are consequently executed for having done so. Because the first rule of misogyny is that whatever happens is always the woman's fault. For tempting. What a repugnant worldview, these people have!

Zealous Islamists have been on the rampage, quite literally, in Tunisia, this week, because of their emotional perversion regarding art they don't like!
'Art fair causes religious riots in Tunisia'
"Salafis follow a puritanical interpretation of Islam and want to live in an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law. A Tunisian cleric initially suggested the offending artists be killed, and the artists’ names and pictures were soon listed on Facebook alongside death threats."
Not an interpretation -- a variation.

Patriarchal Religion has also murdered a key Women's Rights campaigner in Pakistan
"Sawera focuses on women’s and children’s rights and education. Safeworld partnered with Sawera because of the sisters’ “sense of hope, energy and optimism, their sensitivity to local cultural issues, and the obvious respect and admiration shown to them by many in the local community,” according to their website.
This sense of hope was dashed last week when Afridi was brutally murdered. She received three gun shots on her way to work."

'Saudi Arabia to send all-male team to Olympics'
In recent weeks, we have heard how Saudi Arabia had decided to permit women to compete in athletic competitions. Then we heard that there would be crushing restrictions on what they would be allowed to do. And now, we've heard that no women qualified. This is a farce! Islam in Saudi Arabia is no more tolerant of women's existences than it has ever been.

'Church of England postpones vote on ordaining female bishops'
Sexist bigotry still lives on in the Church of England, it seems. Despite the relatively extensive secularisation of the CofE, they still can't quite manage to treat women as 'fully human'. And yes - i have had that phrase uttered at me by CofE Christians!
I've said this before -- no matter how secularised they become, Religious establishments will always be the last bastions of superstition and prejudice; and will, thereby, always lag behind the rest of society.

And the RC Church has its complimentary share of misogyny, of course:
'Catholic Church refuses to protect girls from cancer'
"The bishops there decided in 2008 that they would not provide vaccination for girls in Catholic schools against the human papilloma virus (HPV) – which guards against the four strands of HPV most associated with cervical cancer. The bishops say it would compromise Catholic teaching, because HPV is a sexually transmitted virus."

Jewish batshit backlash to the condemnation of male genital mutilation:
'European Jewish leaders: German circumcision ban “worst attack on Jewish life since Holocaust”'
"It’s awful! Jews and Muslims in Germany have been told that they can’t mutilate their children’s genitals to satisfy their imaginary friend. Yes, that’s just like genocide."

'Pissing match: Vatican sues over satirical magazine cover'
"One would think, especially after “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day“, that public figures would know better than to sue to prevent distribution of an image, or a book, or a film. It just brings greater exposure to the offending media."

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